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This prototype is a new type of telescope dedicated to a non-professional amateur public. This system is composed of a fully automated rotary movement and an inclination automatic. These two movements are controlled by two stepping motors by means of a kit electronic control. Motor commands are fully guided them through a second circuit board composed of a computer system, giving a 32-bit RISC ARM11 MCU, memory, SDCARD, VGA to an LCD, HD-output CCD camera, a GPS 3D, may be added a wireless system and an external control software. Part of the goal to a slope of 2 ° cone which will allow an accumulation of higher brightness, the diameter of the mirror is quite big 400 mm diameter. The optical part was removed and replaced with a CCD high definition camera, a parallel 15-inch LCD touchscreen, the video portion will consist of a software image processing (processing of color, brightness, and optical zoom digital control or direct control by GPS 3D). Ability to create pictures and high definition video.


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    Pilato David
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    Dassault Enovia
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    Mécanique, Electronique, Informatique
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    The design inspires an opening of a creative mind and a new design of future project ever undertaken.
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    Catia V5
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