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Even though we are living in the modern world still there are some problems which needs a better solution. This device, ‘Traveler’s Guide,’ tries to solve one such problem. For example if we want to travel 100kms from a source to a destination. Before starting the travel we will look at the map and then we usually start the travel. But if there is any sudden blockage on the road due to accidents or bridge damage etc.. we have to wait for the road to be cleared and then we resume the travel.

But if we use this new device, if there is any obstacle after 10kms, it will display the message that ’The road is blocked after 10kms.’ So we will take an alternate route to cross that particular place. The message will be displayed at least before 10kms or prior to it.


This device can be fixed in the vehicles. Before moving the vehicle, the driver should type the source and the destination. Immediately the route will be displayed on the screen. If the route is clear for the entire travel distance, it won’t show any message. Only if there is any obstacle, it will display the message. This device works with the help of internet facility (wireless connectivity).

If there is any blockage on a road , the information will first reach the nearby police stations or control rooms. This police stations will be used as the data updating centers. If there is any blockage on the road, immediately one person in that control room or police station should update the data within few minutes. This data will be updated in government network servers. This device will immediately get the details about the blockage from this servers and displays to the travelers.

At first this device can be used for national highways. Later it can be extended to state highways also.


This device helps the travelers and avoids unnecessary huge traffic on the roads. Since it gives the current status of the roads, it avoids the unnecessary waiting time and helps us to reach our destination on time.

This design is new and it is used to track the roads. It is very cheap because the government can add this as an additional option.


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