Magnetic Turbine to produce endless power without any cost

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This technology is my idea using Magnetic Turbines to produce electricity that can be very much an alternative to Wind, Thermal, Hydro, Nuclear and Solar energies.

This is kind of rotating the turbines in the form of axle it two or four permanent magnets in opposite directions that can deviate based on North Pole to North Pole basis or South Pole to South Pole basis. This deviation makes the attached turbine circulate and produce the electricity endlessly. So there is no need to think of other form of electricity producing techniques.

This is safe and clean clean energy so we can make world wonderful and avoid greenhouse emissions in the future.

Some of the applications:

1. We can make a small version of this product and can use it in households and the consumer can produce the electricity on their own.

2. To fix this product in any vehicles and run the vehicles without any fuel.

3. We can make a mega size version of this product and generate electricity and supply on transmission lines.

etc., if you imagine and think of this product you can apply this invention to endless forms of day to day activities.


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    Sivakumar Obili
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    To solve the energy problem of the world until end.
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