Z.E.R.O ( Zero Energy Re Emitting Object ) works on the principle of magnetic force repulsion.

This concept can be used were we see scarcity of electric power.

The mechanism inside the box provides energy without any source or manual work done.

The output can vary by varying the output object like by replacing bulb by fan and making suitable arrangements with the same box.

The intensity controller just varies the output power by certain re-arrangements inside the mechanism box.
Every time one presses the intensity button the corresponding LED glows. so as to indicate the power level.

The Box has holes at the bottom so as to release heat.

Also the box contains mountings to clamp his set-up on ...

The development of the ZeeEye UAV provides environmentally friendly production and low-cost lightweight, durable proprietary CBM™ materials.

Technical Abstract: As UAV technology is rapidly evolving to meet specific operational requirements, the ZeeEye combines three high power and money saving technologies which provide the ZeeEye extended flight endurance.

The ZeeEye UAV and launch platform is easily transported by one person ‘backpack’ style. The ZeeEye UAV is stored in its container which doubles as its launch platform. The UAV doesn’t need to be removed from its transporter/launcher prior to launch, as both wings of the UAV rotate forward and deploy automatically upon exiting its container. The command and control system is state-of-the-art with the ground control station stored in ...

The idea visualizes the solutions for the futuristic green buildings. The implementation of techno-green management and architecture in construction will lead to sustainable green homes. In India, buildings account for 30-40 percent of energy use, known to be energy guzzlers. The current conventional residential structures pose impending threat to our mother nature. The idea of green building promotes use of renewable energy, reused and recyclable products, focus on efficient use of water by rain water harvesting program envelope and grey water treatment, improving occupational health and comfort through HVAC systems.

Green Buildings have major potential areas to be tapped through appropriate usage in the design of the building by means of high thermal insulations using insulites, solar shading and ...

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