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This project was first conceptualised in order to break the stereotype of Western Closet- WC. A redesign of WCs. For a long time this topic has not been analysed at least has not been under the spotlight.

Most of the population in the western world do not know why they are using the sitting type of closet instead of the squatting type. Now this is so because the main way to defecate was squatting right from the stone age, which would be the scientific way to do it . A simple reason behind this change would be the higher officials of the Indus valley civilisation, Mohan je dare, the Roman generals and the royals during the early British Industrialisation era. They believed that the older sitting version of WCs would be more respectful way for the higher class and the common man still defecated outdoors squatting in pots. And then in the third century millennium BC during the "age of cleanliness" toilets and sewers were invented in several parts of the world.

Therefore they invented a fixture almost similar to that of a throne for this purpose. Now this fixture is the one that has evolved to become our modern day WC. It underwent significant changes during the Roman empire. It literally resembled a throne , or a seat for that matter, with back rest, hand rest and so on. They were even put together in a row and it is believed that the Roman generals defecated together holding hands. And later these fixtures became individualised elements and had private enclosed areas resembling our modern day toilets.

Meanwhile in the Orient, and many other places the conventional squatting type of toilets evolved, got adapted to different cultures and traditions differently. And is the only kind of toilet that can be seen even today. They believe that it is a healthier way to defecate and only the old and disabled use the modern WC that too only in the recent times.

The squatting position to defecate is considered to be healthier because of the human anatomical position in this posture. It facilitates easier bowel movement and makes this process easier and more successful compared to our position while excreting in the WC. Therefore it reduces bowel related problems. One may wonder why this healthier option is not opted in the western world. This is so because people there are used to the dry toilet system and using the squatting type would involve a wet floor or environment which would not be conducive for their climate which is freezing and below minus degrees.

My project therefore tries to incorporate this healthier position into the sitting type of toilet, so that it can be universal and can serve a wide range of customer base irrespective of their age, cultural background, tradition and physical abilities.


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