Car Refrigerator

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The car refrigerator is a compact refrigerator designed to fit in any vehicle. It is optimized to fit on the floor in front of the smaller middle seat located in average sedans, as outlined in the picture. By putting it on the floor, it doesn't take up the seat so a person can still sit in the middle seat. Some vehicles may have the extra space for the refrigerator but this design would cater to the consumers with average sized sedan such as the one pictured (2014 Honda Civic). The refrigerator has small dividers inside which can be rearranged to better suit the items placed inside. Without the dividers, the contents would rattle and bang on the walls making it very disturbing. It is designed to run off the rechargeable lithium ion battery that is hiding at the bottom of the device while also run off the cars USB or AC port. The reason this device requires a battery on board is so that if the car is left without use for a couple of days, the refrigerator would continue working until it depletes its charge. The battery on board varies on the duration of its life depending on the refrigerator’s cooling setting. Like a traditional refrigerator, they're are many different settings to accommodate the contents inside the refrigerator.

The purpose I believe this car refrigerator is useful and worthy of the market is because it is optimized for the average sedan and requires very little space. In addition, on long trips, water will become warm and food will rot. Also, from personal experience of being a Type 1 Diabetic for 6 years, I have noticed that my medical supplies become completely useless after it experiences higher temperatures. This small refrigerator can store my Novolog and Lantus cartridges in a small compartment on the side of the refrigerator. It is more convenient and more efficient in storing supplies and food, rather than using an insulated lunch box with ice packs because after the ice packs melt, the lunch box will begin to heat up. Therefore, this car refrigerator provides convenience and versatility in a simple form.

The car refrigerator is a must have for anyone taking any long trips and wishes to keep their waters, food, or medical supplies safe from the extreme heat.


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