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The strategic objective of the project – to provide people on all continents with versatile, high-speed, amphibious, all-weather and safe air transport.

The Multimode Ground effect Vehicles (MGV)
… are flying vehicles, the construction of which implements both known and new technical solutions and aerodynamic effects. A synergy of this association allows you to create a new type of aircraft with enhanced security and increased functionality.

This set of inventions relates to aviation and to transport vehicles with static and dynamic air discharge, in particular, to ships, boats and amphibious transportation platforms, aircrafts, amphibian aircraft and wing-in-ground effect vehicles.

Multimode ground effect vehicles fully meet the requirements for amphibious aircraft of the XXI century.

These requirements were formulated in the report of the General Director and General Designer of the BERIEV Aircraft Company Viktor Kobzev.
Report title:
“The historical necessity for evolution of the hydroaviation aircraft in the XXI century in connection with natural anomalies on Earth.”

The report begins with the words:
Aviation will just have to become completely different. And it is time for us to think about this now, not just replicate the traditional solutions.”

Structural and operational features of the MGV

1. The main feature is the enforcement of the conditions of static and dynamic stability by simple layout and constructive solutions.

2. Instead of a passive flow around lifting planes by relative airflow an active formation of the aerodynamic forces system with an improved aerodynamic effect is used.

3. The layout of the MGV allows to implement a new way of conducting flight, in which the security of ground effect flight dramatically increases.

4. The high variability of the concept makes it possible to create original layouts for any task, speed and carrying capacity.

5. The landing gear is a big high pressure air cushion, that is created by main thrusters without special blowers.

6. The Propfans of the main thrusters are located within the contour of the center wing. This arrangement ensures the safety of people. It creates nor dust or spatter in the forward hemisphere.

7. The special design of the bottom part of the floats allows takeoffs and landings on unprepared surfaces: a variety of soils, moor, snow, ice, littered water surface.

8. The enlarged center wing chord (along the entire length of the fuselage) increases the cruising height of the ground effect flight. As a consequence, seaworthiness, flight safety and weight-lift increase.

9. Enhanced survivability of the aircraft at external damages. This enhances the security of passengers and crew in emergency cases.

10. The layout of the MGV provides the crew habitability like on a ship. That is, the presence of deck surfaces makes it possible for the crew to operate outside the cabin.

The market potential is more than 600 billion dollars in the next 20-30 years.

Patents are obtained: Australia, Germany, China, Russia, the USA, the European Union.
Patent-pendin: Canada, India.

The project has the support of the government of Lower Saxony.

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