A Time Reversal Device

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If we fix a compressed spring or airfilled balloon in awkward shapes at the end of a lever bar long enough to multiply the minute unbalanced force and capable of rotation about an axis at the other end and then hold the bar with it's long axis perfectly horizontal to the ground the bar exhibits unidirectional motion not explained by ideomotor effect and the direction of motion can be predetermined by control study.The cause is that energy,frequency or consciousness keep moving in the time dimension to an imaginary position in space and manifests as motion.

When a body say a toy car slides down an inclined plane with angle of inclination less than 45°the downward and forward motion of the toy car can be restricted by a thread or support perfectly parallel to the horizontal.It can be mathematically proved based on the law of conservation of energy as explained in preprint manuscript doi:10.5281/zenodo.439108 also available in server engrxiv that a portion of the weight of the toy car is unbalanced even at the position of rest and sinks down in the same relative space causing compression of spacetime below the toy car and expansion of spacetime above the toy car enabling a time reversal device.

The figure caption shows an arrangement of threads with a knot hole to mimic the inclined plane and the toy car sliding on it.The power of the machine can be increased by repeating the proceedure again and again.By mathematical calculation as described in preprint manuscript doi:10.5281/zenodo.439108 we need more than 300 million of such repeated thread and knot units to reverse time.This can be achieved by weaving a nano fabric made of simple cotton or nylon threads.The fabic is hung from the support so that increased energy of gravity is stored in the spring that enables time reversal with respect to the rest frame of reference and avoids force or damage to the earth or surrounding environment.

This should theoritically be a low cost mechanism for antiageing and cure of incurable diseases like aids,chronic kidney disease etc.This is a method of time travel without using high speed space drive or gravity.

To understand or analyse the mechanism proposed one can read preprint manuscipt doi:10.5281/zenodo.439108 also available in server engrxiv and published indian patent specification 255/kol/2015 and 915/kol/2015.ln fact real time travel to the past by arranging the mechanism in two mutually perpendicular directions is theoritically possible.


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