Forest Fire Protection System

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This project deals with the protection from advanced fire near the forest or fields, which inhibit the fire or extinguish it until the arrival of rescue forces.

The role of the system is to identify the fire that is approaching a certain area and accordingly activate the sprinkler system and fire warning.

There is currently no domestic systems to prevent large fires but there is a general regional system that can provide a partially solution for residents who live near forest areas or systems that their coverage is very small.

During the project I gathered information about the kinds of water cannons, fire sensor types, the way of selecting the components, the type of customers, the types of materials from which pipes are made, etc.

The project aims to build an automated system to extinguish fires in a given area, and also to take into account human needs and the system limitations.

The project can also prevent injuries as a result of arson or accidental fire when firefighters are busy in several fires, or who are unable to get to the fire.

During the planning, mechanism alternatives and fire detection mechanism were evaluated in order to make it possible to build a prototype model perfectly in the future. In order to meet the minimum price I reviewed the components prices in order to lower the production costs.

The system will consist of two main parts: control system and fire extinguishing system. The control system will consist of an electronic system that would identify the fire from a distance of 50 meters (with the flame sensor) from the structure and transfer the information to a computer so that the customers would know what state the system is, and start the water flow.

The fire extinguishing system will be composed of a valve and water cannon whose job would be to extinguish the fire from a distance of 100 meters and to work in an area of 180 degrees relative to the fire sensor.

The valve will receive a signal and will open, allowing the system to operate and extinguish the fire.

In extreme cases where there is an electrical failure and you cannot connect to the computer, you can connect the control system to the batteries, and act independently with a built-in LCD screen display system.


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