Streamliners Incorporated Miniskirt: Aerodynamic Fuel Savings for All Types of Semi Trailers

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Streamliners is a company formed by a team of aerospace engineers and racing experts. Our goal is to bring high performance, innovative aerodynamic products to the trucking industry. The team's 50 plus years of experience allows us to design products that are high performance, but also cost effective and easy to use.

Our first product is called the miniskirt. It improves the aerodynamic performance of any type of semi - trailer by more efficiently directing airflow around the rear tires or tandems. The product saves 5-7% of the semi - truck's fuel use, saving thousands of dollars per year, per trailer.

What's more impressive is that it provides these benefits for every semi - trailer type. Long ignored, the aerodynamic performance of the intermodal chassis can be improved as well, saving the industry millions of dollars per year in fuel cost. To be compatible with the rapid loading and deployment of chassis at shipping ports and rail yards, our miniskirt can be installed in less than one minute.

The miniskirt can also be applied to flatbed and tanker trailers, providing reduced fuel consumption and emissions for those industries as well. The heavy trucking industry offers a significant market potential, as there are more than 3,000,000 dry van trailers, 600,000 intermodal trailers, and 300,000 tanker trailers on the road today. Even capturing a small percentage of this market could generate substantial revenue.

We named our product the miniskirt because it is a smaller, simpler version of traditional semi - trailer skirts. Reducing the size and weight of the trailer skirt allows us to reduce the cost to manufacture it. But don't let the name fool you, it's name only applies to its size and weight, its aerodynamic performance and fuel savings are industry leading. The Miniskirt is the perfect combination of simplicity and performance, it's single piece design leads to "pit stop" style installation quickness, and the versatile design can benefit every trailer type on the road. It's lightweight and robust construction leads to years of care-free use.

The Miniskirt has several unique features that lead to its best-in-class performance, versatility and installation quickness.
1.) Its patent-pending tandem mounting leads to optimal performance at all rear tandem positions.
2.) Its simple, semi-circular design gives optimal aerodynamic performance, light weight and strength.
3.) Its patent-pending installation configuration uses the four existing bolts on a dry van, reefer, or tanker trailer and two clamps for an intermodal chassis or flatbed trailer. This drives installation times measured in minutes where it's possible for a single person to install.
Benefits Beyond Fuel Savings:
Because it doesn't run along the entire trailer, the miniskirt has several other significant benefits.
1.) Better over-center clearance for safer trailer operation with less damage.
2.) Access to the under-trailer area for things like the spare tire, equipment and fuel storage.
3.) Portability from trailer-to-trailer given its rapid installation and common interface.
4.) Unparalleled performance when tandems are in the rear position because the device moves with the tandems.


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