Kangaroo Bus System

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The Kangaroo bus concept is a solar powered bus that recharges whilst in use, as it “hops” from bus stop to bus stop. The bus stops have the solar panels that capture energy, and then transfer it to the bus when it stops, or as it passes through the bus stop.

Existing buses carry up to 300kWh of batteries for energy storage, and cost more than $700,000, the kangaroo bus carries less than 1kWh, and would cost $100,000, meaning it is lighter, and much much cheaper.

The Kangaroo bus is solar powered, the heavy expensive e-buses that cost $700,000 are not, they recharge at night off the grid, which at night is 99% fossil fuel powered.

Existing e-bus designs have limited battery life lasting only a few thousand cycles, a chemical reality often not stated. The Kangaroo bus does not use batteries, it uses ultra capacitors, a proved reliable device that can be charged in seconds, and unlike batteries they are almost eternal (many millions of cycles).

The paradigm shift with the Kangaroo bus is that whilst Ultracaps only hold charge for hours, not days, the time between bus stops is minutes, not hours, so a Kangaroo bus can get to the next stop with power to spare.

Kangaroo bus stops will have their own ultra cap to store collected solar energy, that energy can transfer to the kangaroo bus in just a few seconds. It takes only seconds as it is just 3.6MJ, the energy the bus needs to hop to the next stop.

The Kangaroo bus has the power pack mounted on the roof, and has simple overhead connect much like electric trains do. It can recharge the bus without need ing the bus to stop.

Of course the Sun does not always shine, so the bus stops have a grid connection as back-up, but it could be fitted with solar storage batteries as they become cheaper, just as we are now doing with out homes.

I want to promote this concept using the exposure gained from being an entry into the Create The Future Design Competition, so if you are a Sunny City, or large town that wants to pioneer the Kangaroo bus, please contact me and I will help make this a reality for you, free of charge.


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    Philip Hardcastle
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    I love taking logic and possibilities to the limit to design things that can really help people in their daily life, make a difference and lessen the burden on the environment. My SolaCooka is designed to save lives and reduce CO2 emissions by a Billion tons per year.

    Winning the prize would enable me to advance this important cause, to make a real difference to everyone's future.

    The Kangaroo bus is just a nice green answer not previously thought of, afaik, and it is free to any town that wants to build one.
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