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N2BYK is motivated by the need to find a clean, cheap way for personal transportation, especially with increasing fuel prices (specifically in my home country Egypt which will be the base of manufacturing) and the effect of pollution, global warming, and climate change. There are different prospects for transcending the product to bigger vehicles that would be used for group/public transportation and even land shipments, saving cost and the future.

N2BYK consists of:
1. Mini DC compressor and battery
2. Two separate nitrogen cylinders on both sides
3. Air motor
4. Housing and cover made from ABS
5. The top of the housing acting as a chair
6. Protrusion in the housing for foot resting
7. Handle bar with on-off switch and speed control

Operation description:
1- The whole body is made from fiber glass and acts as a nitrogen cylinder. 
2- The nitrogen gas will be flowing in a closed loop.
3- The body will be protected as shown by an ABS cover housing that will also serve as a chair and for foot resting.
4- The mini DC compressor running on a rechargeable battery will compress the nitrogen to the main cylinder through a valve.
5- The nitrogen gets released to the air motor through another controlled valve which will run the motor and drive the motion of the motorcycle..
6- The nitrogen will be released to the secondary cylinder through a valve then the closed cycle gets repeated. 
7- The handlebar will control the start-stop, speed control in addition to steering and braking.
8- The speed will be controlled by controlling the nitrogen flow.
9- The N2BYK will be lightweight, durable, rechargeable, environmentally friendly and its cost will be low compared to other motor bikes and requires incredibly low running and maintenance cost.


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    Mahmoud Ragab
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    The environment and the climate change. I live in one of the hottest regions in the world and if it kept on going like this our region will be a waste land. In addition to scarcity of water, food ,,,etc. It would also be great to make a good living out of it.
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