Solution for Easy Accessibility to Trains from Low Level Platforms of Railways in India and other Underdeveloped Countries

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The invented system is simple and effective to overcome the present problem of entraining and detraining of passengers from low level platform.

In the new system, for easy accessibility to trains from low level platform, two sliding type additional handles are fitted with coach body near the lowermost end of existing handles. These handles are located at inner side of existing handles that is, towards coach door end.

The system consists of spring loaded plunger with plunger rod which is fitted near the top end of coach door above the present handle. The plunger rod is operated by sliding handle through wire drive system.

One additional footplate is implemented in the system which is located below the lowermost footplate of present staircase. The longitudinal movement of sliding handle is transmitted through steel wire to additional footplate operating rod. Composite rubber blocks and stoppers are placed at suitable positions to restrict the motion of both plunger and additional staircase.

Merits of the design:

1. The proposed indigenous design is a simple up-gradation of existing design without any alternation of present entraining / detraining arrangement.

2. Presently proposed improved design is user’s friendly.

3. Few additional typical attachments are required for this upgraded system.

4. The proposed design is most reliable and safe to implement.

5. Simple and cost effective design.

6. Additional attachments of new system can be easily attached and removed.

7. The new design will maintain current constraints of fixed infrastructure.


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