70% of global oil production is used as transportation fuel. Fuel related GHG pollution costs the global economy $1.3 trillion a year. Electric has been proposed as an alternative but the EPA opines that it will never exceed 10% of the market because batteries only have 1% of the energy density of fuel. This means that for 90% of the market a solution does not exist.

Transformational Innovation:

The DOE advises that combusted fuel converts to 30% pressure (which moves a vehicle), and 70% heat, which is discharged by current engines as wasted energy. Conversely, the USPTO patented ZED engine innovatively scavenges bottom-cycle combustion heat energy and combines it with pressure (CHP – Combined Heat/Power or Combined Heat/Pressure) ...

Present Issues: Nut welding field failures in vehicles.
Scope: New Design required to avoid the Nuts from the Vehicles but basically it most & should qualify the better than nut functions without failure. Zero Nut vehicles.
Idea of Design: Developed the basic design which is nut free & it is easy to develop at all the places or area in any Vehicle as a sheet metal part itself will be working as Nut which qualifies all the requirements.

Result: Developed the universal design to remove the nuts from the vehicles.
1) Will make zero field failures for the vehicles.
2) Will reduce the weight of the vehicles and increase the performance (Weight Reduction).
3) Will reduce the material ...

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