Agro Based Automatic Neera Tapping Machine

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Automatic Neera Tapping Machine
Neera is the sap extracted from the inflorescence (flower bud) of coconut trees and used to quench thirst. It’s sweet, high in nutritional value & Non-Alcoholic.
Skilled laborers are required for tapping neera. Labors in the present era are depleting due to the risk factors involved in it. Not many lads of the present generation fancy such jobs & hence a solution for this issue needs to be addressed. This is the reason towards the development of the tapping machine.
Since no machine is available in the market conventional method of tapping is practiced till now, tapper has to climb the tree, beat & slice the inflorescence. The sap that comes out is collected in a pot.

Neera tapping machine
The device has main three unit’s i.e.
1) Mechanical unit:
It consists of a lead screw, cylindrical guide way, mechanical actuator and the driver motor. There are two different types of HDPE clamps. Clamp 1 for holding inflorescence 2nd for squeezing the inflorescence. A mechanical actuator is used for cutting inflorescence by fixing a stainless steel blade at its end.
2) Microcontroller:
It’s pre-programmed & controls the movement of the clamps, actuator & the driver motor accordingly. It send message to the respective mobile phone when the machine has to be removed & replaced.
3) Power supply and supply:

The required power is provided from a direct current source to a battery & then to the device.
Working of tapping machine
1) Select the mature inflorescence, its winded using a string & then fix the machine on it. (It is done manually)
2) The inflorescence is squeezed using the clamp 2 to ensure smooth flow of neera.
3) The cutting blade moves 2mm down from its initial position & removes the tip of the inflorescence.
4) The sap that comes out from the inflorescence is collected in HDPE cans.
The step 2) to 5) continuous twice in every day till the length of the inflorescence becomes 10% of its original length.

In conventional method tapper needs to climb the tree twice a day but by using this machine he needs to climb the tree only twice in two month which will reduce his work load and risk of accidents. Since precise slicing of inflorescence is implemented the life of the inflorescence increases which will leads to more production. It makes tapping process more easy & accurate.

Considering the case of India where existing coconut tree population is around 5000 million. If 1% of these trees are utilized for neera tapping, there will be 50 million palms for this we require about 5 million tappers. According to RTI department there are only .2 million tappers in the country. This fact brings value to the proposed project.

A rough cost of twenty five thousand rupees is planned which can be reduced when produced in bulk. Breakeven point of less than 168 days was calculated i.e.: from 168th day of implementing the machine tapper will start getting profit.


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