Enhanced Solar Thermal Electric Power Generator

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The thermal energy obtained from concentrating the solar energy heats up Ammonia gas which expands in pressurizing chambers then it is released with high speed and pressure to the generator blades causing the required rotation. The Ammonia gas then goes to a simple cooling cycle and finally to the pressurizing chamber again. Early stages of the idea consisted of releasing the Ammonia gas from the turbine to another pressurizing chamber to ensure returning back to the first pressurizing chamber. Various ways to concentrate heat can be applied to reach the desired heating level.


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    Mahmoud Ragab
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    The environment and the climate change. I live in one of the hottest regions in the world and if it kept on going like this our region will be a waste land. In addition to scarcity of water, food ,,,etc. It would also be great to make a good living out of it.
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