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SolaCooka is an integrating solar cooker that can cook 24/7. It uses an 80W PV panel to heat a buried phase change material. Once charged the cooker can cook enough food for a family of 4. Designed primarily for the poorest of people living in slums, it costs less that the wood they burn that is causing millions to die each year from respiratory disease.



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    Philip Hardcastle
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    I love taking logic and possibilities to the limit to design things that can really help people in their daily life, make a difference and lessen the burden on the environment. My SolaCooka is designed to save lives and reduce CO2 emissions by a Billion tons per year.

    Winning the prize would enable me to advance this important cause, to make a real difference to everyone's future.

    The Kangaroo bus is just a nice green answer not previously thought of, afaik, and it is free to any town that wants to build one.
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