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Grow is a pendant lamp made of paper pulp. The lamp is made of four parts which easily can be attached or removed by hanging a bigger section onto the other. Since we’re moving and our living conditions are changing, it’s important that our interiors and products can adapt to new circumstances. Bigger, smaller, private or public rooms.

Paper pulp is 100% recyclable and renewable. If it’s clean enough it’s even combustible. When the user is done it can be recycled and made into new pulp products. It’s a lightweight material and since the shape is collapsible it’s more efficient for transport. Since pulp is a common packaging material it’s production cost would be low. This lamp could be a part of a circular economy which I believe is important for a sustainable future in all ways.

Since the lamp could be used in four different sizes it could be used in your Livingroom, over your dining table or in public spaces such as restaurants or even in offices. I believe that flexibility is important and that it might lead to a longer time of usage for a product.

The lamp is used with a LED-bulb. If the pulp parts are recycled, the rubbercord and socket could be reused for a new fixture.


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    Ronja Reuber
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