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The Sea Tiger flying hydrofoil combines the best of hydrofoil, WISE; Wing In Ground Effect, and composite construction to provide a low cost solution for the needs of the US Navy to increase the size of the fleet, reduce costs, and add unmatched capability giving a patrol craft the speed of an aircraft, to land in any sea state using hydrofoil wings as landing gear, and advanced UAV with radar and sensor drone technology for advanced threat detection and threat interdiction and evasion. Quantum sonar sensors are embedded into the hydrofoil tips providing towed array efficiency without the background noise created by conventional propeller or pump propulsion.

This flying boat uses conventional turboprops mounted in a pusher configuration on ...

The recent advances in state estimation, perception, and navigation algorithms have significantly contributed to the ubiquitous use of quadrotors for inspection, mapping, and aerial imaging. To further increase the versatility of quadrotors, recent works investigated the use of an adaptive morphology, which consists of modifying the shape of the vehicle during flight to suit a specific task or environment. However, these works either increase the complexity of the platform or decrease its controllability.

In this work, we propose a novel, simpler, yet effective morphing design for quadrotors consisting of a frame with four independently rotating arms that fold around the main frame. To guarantee stable flight at all times, we exploit an optimal control strategy that adapts on the ...

The Navy and Military Sealift Command use reciprocating analysis (RA) as a part of a wide portfolio of technologies to monitor the condition (CM) of the fleet’s large Propulsion and Ship’s Service Diesel Generator engines. The CM data is used to improve fuel economy and enhance the effectiveness of preventative maintenance activities. The RA “shots” are taken periodically by attaching pressure sensors to the indicator cocks, and the Crew Engineers moving a pressure sensor between sequential cylinders during collection. The Pressure Time (PT) data that is recorded is downloaded to the ship’s computer, then displayed graphically in various analysis software packages for interpretation. Some engine compartment environments are cramped and pose potential hazards to personnel during collection activities. With ...

Just like the earth, space has garbage too. The junk or garbage are called Space debris. Right now some tens of millions of pieces of space junk are circling our planet—broken satellites, rocket parts, and other human-made materials trapped in orbit. For many reasons removing those debris has become very difficult. The number of debris made it very difficult to be removed.

This project provide alternative solution to this problem. The project objective is managing space junk that are becoming problem to space exploration by directing the space debris from earth's orbit to the sun's path. Researches has shown that The recent uptick in solar flares and other activity on the sun could one day cripple satellites or knock ...

Innovative cycles in the emergence of fundamentally new types of gyroscopes last for a period of forty to fifty years, and the change from one to another occurs only after a serious breakthrough in physics and technology. Gyros can measure the course of a scientific revolution.

Today offered a fundamentally new type of power astatic gyroscope. The spherical rotor with magnets makes forced coherent oscillations around in a vacuum cavity of a stator with solenoids under computer control. The device can decide the problems of converting vacuum energy into electrical energy and generating entropic forces for move objects in space and on Earth (not a reactive way).

Good news - unusual gyroscope is already working!

The extremely simple formula ...

BASE stands for Beta-Alumina Solid Electrolyte. This material is commercially available in various form factors including flat plate and cylinders. It belongs to a class of materials that have relatively high ion conductivity but high resistance to electron conduction. As such the concepts discussed herein could also apply to other such materials but henceforth will specifically deal with sodium ion conducting BASE as the model system.

Electric propulsion as it stands today lacks sufficient average power density for human crewed missions. Substitution of a liquid metal backed BASE layer for certain component(s) in conventional electric rockets could greatly increase the average power/thrust density available to the point that human crewed missions throughout our solar system become much more viable.


Unfortunately, there are many airplane crashes in the world every year.

From its inception, the main goal of aviation is flight safety and preservation of passenger life. I decided to connect my life with aviation, that’s why I became a cadet of Belarusian State Academy of Aviation, and I want to make the contribution to the development of this industry.

Everyone knows that the main value in life – is life itself. For this reason, I decided to connect my proposal with the safety of flights.

The subject of this project is a bracelet, which is put on the passenger's hand during check-in and removed at the end of the flight. To prevent unforeseen situations the bracelet is fastened ...

A low cost IFR training aid that simulates IFR conditions during pilot training. Can be installed on any commercial IFR training aircraft. Can be easily removed from the aircraft. Does not require any modifications to the aircraft.


To provide an instrument flying training aid for the instruction of student pilots


This instrument flying training aid is composed of two components;

a. A polarized film applique that is applied to the windscreen of the
trainer aircraft

b. A pair of glasses with flip up/down opposing polarized lenses worn by
the student pilot.

To Use:

Since the film applique and the glasses are purposely polarized in opposite
directions, when the glasses and only when the polarized lens is flipped

Gun violence is a tremendous problem around the weapons. Guns are stolen from police, military, and civilians then used to commit crimes.

By tying the firing mechanisms and safeties to a position sensing system, weapons would only be discharged in approved areas such as hunting grounds or shooting ranges. Even if a weapon was stolen it would be possible to broadcast a signal with with the weapon's serial number and neutralize it. The communications system would also broadcast the location of where a shot was taken stripping away a criminal's ability to hide the shooting.

The electronics and battery would be molded into the handle or stock of the weapon making it difficult to access the security devices. The PROM storing ...

This idea is about the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in missiles as replacement of heat seekers in order to eliminate the effects of flares that are usually deployed by the target in order to evade heat seeking missiles which is technically called Infrared Homing missiles. The artificial intelligence smart missiles may be equipped with several cameras in order to assist the image recognition of an AI in all angle so that the smart missile can freely locate the target in all angle. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Smart Missile compares the target to the image stored in its memory. So, any mismatch on the number or letters written on the plane of the target will divert the AI missile ...

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