Write Once, Read Forever (WORF) is a unique, optical data storage media, especially formulated and patented by Creative Technology, LLC, of Hockessin, Delaware (CTech). The media is designed to be resistant to the hostile space environment and is currently being tested by NASA on the International Space Station (ISS).

1. How WORF works.

WORF media stores data in the form of metallic silver halide (AgX) “standing waves” of individual wavelengths of light embedded in a stable, hardened suspension on a substrate, an emulsion specially formulated by CTech. These wavelengths, representing multiple data bytes, can be combined at each data location — defining the next generation for archival and massive, big data storage.

2. What makes WORF novel.

• WORF ...

Z-PEC Zero–Point Energy Converter 

According to Quantum Electrodynamics, otherwise empty space is filled with tremendous energy; it’s called the Quantum Flux or Zero-Point Energy. Z-PEC will mechanically tap this unlimited resource for pollution-less electrical generation and pollution-less vehicular-propulsion.

• A Z-PEC prototype can be built by sputtering layers of metals and refractive-materials onto a silicon chip.

Peer-reviewed experiments support the underlying tenets of this paper.

• Obeys the Laws of Motion, Thermodynamics and Momentum Conservation.
• Fig. 1 illustrates how to get a net force from the isotropic momentum of the Electromagnetic Field of the Quantum Flux.

Refer to Fig. 1; it illustrates the paths of an average pair of equal and opposite photons of the Quantum Flux. ...

Able Innovations’ mission is to improve healthcare outcomes and people’s quality of life by developing innovative assistive technologies. Our first innovation is a transfer robot that can lift, move, and place humans in a fully automated manner with zero-physical effort from caregivers.

Our innovation moves objects similarly to a standard conveyor belt, but unique design considerations must be made to ensure the product is capable of performing fully-automated transfers of individuals in a safe, efficient, and dignified manner.

To do so, we are developing a unique biocompatible material for the conveyor belt surface, as well as an intricate sensory system to ensure a tolerable level of force is exerted on the individual being transferred, and that there is no ...

The ZoLNiF (ZOL + knife, spelt in NQaLF) is a new design to replace the ubiquitous and often imitated X-Acto hobby knife that has been around since the 1930's and it's newer updated versions, such as the Gripster.

The ZoLNiF is ideally molded in carbon fiber composite or other high strength re-enforced resin, but can also be machined, forged or 3D printed.

It improves ergonomics and function over all previous designs. The blades cannot be pulled out, even when deeply embedded in wood. Holes can be reamed without unscrewing the collet. Replacing the blade takes less time.

The prototype shown was machined from 7075-T6 aluminum. It is the simplest 2 piece version. The design can be enhanced with ...

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