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Four cylinder IC engine with NO crankshaft.

The principal BENEFIT of a Scotch Yolk mechanism as used in an IC engine is to provide a piston with a connecting rod attachment that nearly eliminates the piston skirt and cylinder scuffing caused by the angular thrust between the piston and cylinder wall. However, as traditionally used, this mechanism is plagued by sliding friction and high contact pressures associated with the yolk design. The attached video is of a proof-of-concept prototype engine design that eliminates this rapid wear.

The base engine concept is that of a pair of common-axis, two cylinder modules incorporating the cylinders, cylinder heads and pistons of four Kawasaki 340 engines. By using a number of commercially available ...

Blind zone areas can be eliminated by properly adjusting rear mirrors in a vehicle. The Intelligent View System (IVS) is an easily installed hardware that employs automated adjustment of the rear mirrors relative to the head position of the motorist.

The FV hardware compose of a microcontroller and a camera that are easily installed into the car.The FV is initiated once the car is started. The camera is then turned on. The frames captured by the camera is processed by the microcontroller. If there is no face detected, the camera keeps relaying the frames to the microcontroller until the motorist’s face is detected. Once the motorist’s face is detected, a comfort zone area is automatically set up. This is ...

Rescue time is often affected when ambulances are stuck in traffic jam, and the cost of purchase and maintenance is too high for the rural and poor areas to allocate ambulances. Shutter Motor is a small pioneer electric three-wheeled vehicle. The frame of its wheels is equipped with AED and first-aid medicines. It can travel through traffic jams and arrive where a patient is to carry out first-aid. The body of Shutter Motor can be unfolded, and a stretcher can be attached to it to transport patients. It can be attached to an ambulance or be deployed at a large venue to cope with ...

Our cities are increasingly congested and polluted. The average London driving commuter spent over 9 days waiting in traffic last year, and the city broke its annual air pollution target by the end of January. But it doesn’t have to be like this: a new generation of electric micro vehicles that can move people quickly, efficiently, and cleanly is emerging.

Of these, electric bicycles have seen the strongest consistent growth in recent years with sales across Europe exploding from 0.1 million units in 2006 to over 2 million in 2017 worth €3.2bn, that’s an average growth rate of 28% per year for over a decade. Folding bikes, meanwhile, have been around for much longer. There is a growing consumer ...

Carbon Fiber Monolith With Carbon Hydrophilic-Nanotubes provide:

Stationary Generator in OPEN air. Wind blowing past monolith increases power.

Water maker in open air, adsorbing water then electric swing desorption.

Closed cylinders with pistons reciprocating can be force away from each other, reciprocating from electric Flash-Desorption of water off the surface of carbon fiber monolith with carbon nano-tubes HIGH surface area.

Natural gas and hydrogen, including any fluid or gas, can be adsorbed onto monolith increasing the SAFETY of transporting ANY fuel.

Decomposing water or natural gas into Hydrogen gas source is much more efficient.

A battery terminal application becomes the most efficient battery when fluid surround ONE monolith high surface area of nanotubes SPACE by carbon fiber.

Patent ...

The Major Problems:
➤internal combustion engine [ICE] and turbine/engine exhaust pollutes, destroying the environment and heath of all living things incl. premature death
➤ICE are fuel inefficient in most operating regimes where they spend most of their time, resulting in high amounts of pollutants and CO2 emissions
➤Most municipal/crop/farming/forest waste is buried or dumped in oceans which pollute water/aquifers/air. 8MM tons of plastic winds up in the ocean yearly upsetting the eco-system to almost irreversibility. Micro-plastics are now found in all marine life which threatens massive extinction and negatively effects people who consume fish

The Solution:
For the foreseeable future internal-combustion-engines [ICE], hybrids and turbines will still be the go-to solutions.

Using a novel air cycle and few simple ...

"One small step for Automotive, One giant leap for Aerospace."

Apollo 11, 747s, Concordes: 66 years after Kitty Hawk. 134 years after Daimler_Benz's unipiston tricycle we've added one pneumatic wheel, myriad microinnovations incrementally improving thermal efficiency (20%.)
Small steps indeed, considering another 80% waste: "25lb new tire, 20lb scrapped” – 358 billion pounds historically trashed, with 8mm tread exhausted – pencils used once, discarded unsharpened – rockets before SpaceX.

Electric Vehicles’ cleaner, greener planet-saving futures facilitation requires rethinking automotive technology, unconstrained – literally – “from the wheels up,” hence ReNEWheel’s variable wheel width, height, traction and renewable tread.
Our “mechanical pencil” approach’s extensible/renewable tread addresses EV/conventional_tire mismatch, minimizing rolling_resistance, (“virtual_slopes” perpetually climbed,) below 100kph dominating aerodynamic drag/drivetrain losses.

Honda’s ...

Patent Pending Electric Motors & Generators have fragments of the COST in electric-field materials from portion of CIRCLE ALWAYS providing 360-degree of FORCE from at least ONE rotor pole ALWAYS in the magnetic-field of stator's Circle-Arc, Pictures. Provides 360-degrees of Torque.

1. Prior Art of Electrical Machines with a full 360-degree array of rotating magnetic fields on a rotor electrically interact by rotating within a full 360-degree array of stationary magnetic fields fixed in the full circumference of a closed circle curve stator apparatus, wherein the improvement comprises;
One open circle-arc stator’s arc length is a portion of the circumference of a fully closed circle stator curve defined dimensionally as 360-degrees divided by the number of rotor poles ...

It is well known that piston secondary motion affects the dynamics of the piston/ring/liner system in an internal combustion engine. A number of analytical models have been proposed to understand and control its effect on engine noise, engine friction and oil consumption. Also, tightening fuel efficiency and emissions regulations have led to engine downsizing, thereby creating new durability challenges for the piston/ring/liner system. Higher heat loads and higher mechanical loads have spurred the development of new running-in and wear-resistant coatings for improved performance and durability. These coatings are challenging to study analytically, and engine dynamometer tests must always be conducted to confirm their scuffing and wear behavior early in the development process and before production-release.

What is needed is a ...

It is common knowledge that a conrod which converts reciprocation of the piston into rotation of the crank is essential for a reciprocation engine. However, a conrod causes side thrust loss and hinders building a fuel-efficient engine. As a solution to this multi-decade problem, we propose our conrodless engine based on our own “Z mechanism” technology.

“Z mechanism” is an alternative mechanism to the piston-crank mechanism. It separates the reciprocation motion of a piston into the horizontal X direction and the vertical Y direction resulting in a rotational motion. We have been applying this proprietary technology towards solving common problems prevalent with the piston-crank mechanism such as energy loss, friction heat, and vibration.

We have developed three engine prototypes ...

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