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The problem statement chosen was to build a model that makes sure that the rules for the speed limit are followed in every road segment and thus reducing the possibility of accidents and ensures safer automobile systems.

Main motive for designing this model is to avoid accidents and alert the drivers about speed limit for safe travelling in every road segment. Most drivers are tempted to exceed the speed limit at one time or another. Speed has been identified as a key risk factor in road traffic injuries, influencing both the risk of a road crash as well as the severity of the injuries that result from crashes. Controlling vehicle speed can prevent crashes happening and can reduce the ...

Pedestrian safety is of extreme importance in the new autonomous vehicle environment. While vehicle sensor technologies continue to evolve and improve, there is a need for a robust back-up to help protect pedestrians , motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pets. My idea is a small wearable electronic tag that would tell an autonomous vehicle via a common standard protocol that "Hey, I'm here." For people, it could be worn on a lanyard badge holder or integrated with personal phones and smart watches . For pets, it could be attached to a collar. The device would have a low power requirement, long battery life, be thin and compact, easily replaced, and emit a signal over a limited distance that would be recognized ...

1) Various e-scooter companies (backed by venture capital) are rolling out their products in the market - the focus is major cities around the globe.
2) None of the companies have so far convincingly addressed the safety concerns related to not providing head protection as part of the actual rental process. And their customers often simply do not carry any head protection (even if it given away for free) with them.
3) The result is a growing number of head injuries. CNET reported on 28 November 2018 that "Injured scooter riders are flooding US emergency rooms. Accident rates could be as high as 1,000 per month.".

1) The Böwler Flying Helmet combines a drone and a safety helmet into ...

Overcome consumer reluctance to the adoption of self-driving car technology by anthropomorphizing a separate AI-controlled self-driving vehicle which controls the navigation and operation of a connected passenger compartment. Within certain safety parameters, the human occupants would have a residual mechanism for overriding the AI as to the speed and direction of travel.

Instead of putting consumers in the counter-intuitive position of being in the "driver's seat" of a car without the need to maintain situational awareness and control over the vehicle, we use the culturally familiar concept of the "smartest horse in the barn" to create a physical separation between the consumer/travelers and the computer-controlled vehicle that is undertaking the journey, all the while providing reassuring backup control mechanisms--that ...

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