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The province of Nova Scotia (NS) in Canada has been shown to have very high levels of radon emissions which is often concentrated indoors in the basement of different houses. NS shows one of the highest levels of radon emission in Canada with about 25% higher risk of lung cancers. Moreover, various studies have shown the health hazards associated with radon emissions in NS and around the world. Radon is produced when uranium, thorium and radium break down soil, rock and water, and then released to the air. Radon and other water pollutants also contribute significantly to the water quality found in each household in Nova Scotia and around the world. Similarly, the study conducted by Environment Canada from ...

Pump ambient air (which contains CO2) into a plastic tank, filled with sea water, through a gas distributor. Carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air will dissolve in the sea water. The surface of the sea water should be exposed to direct sunlight. Phytoplankton will be multiplied on the surface of the sea water by the natural process of photosynthesis, which utilizes CO2 and sunlight (as in the hot Benguela sea stream on the South African East Coast, which captures CO2 and produces phytoplankton for marine fish consumption). The plankton biomass produced by this process can then be harvested for renewable clean energy purposes and agricultural fertilizer, e.g. 1) Production of methane heating gas in a bio-digester tank to serve ...

Poop and pee. Everyone does it, but no one’s comfortable talking about it. It’s a conversation not suitable for your first date (I would hope), or one to have with your colleagues, but it’s completely normal, a vital bodily function, and is a universal part of the human experience. Plus, it tells you a lot about your health.

Being aware and educated by what your body outputs is as, if not more important than what it inputs. Several variables throughout one’s day, including diet, medication, stress even, can affect when, how, and what you excrete. It may include undigested food particles, bacteria, salts, and other substances.

And because of how the enteric nervous system works, you often don’t feel ...

Torque control
Power assist wheelchairs work best when there is a torque feedback, measuring the user input torque and using it to determine the torque the motor needs to supply to the wheels. But this method has not been able to reach the masses especially in developing countries because torque sensors are comparatively very expensive and are not affordable for customers from below the upper class. Soft-sense uses a new alternative to torque sensors which can be made much cheaper and also allows for other functions. Series elastic actuators are an area of research in robotics that has enabled among other functions, torque control by using a series element with the motor and measuring displacements. Using this in wheelchairs ...

Riskut – A New Approach to Device and Data Security

A new category in the mobile device and data protection marketplace.

Riskut is the initial product offering of the ProximID Group, which has developed unique solutions based on security by proximity. The ProximID Identity Platform uses the collection of devices to identify the owner through a constant measurement of the distance his/her devices are from each other.

Riskut – Easy to Use “Protection by Connection”

A way to stop the loss...at relatively little cost.

The Riskut app is easy to use. Just download it, use the guided policy development process and protection is enabled.

If the mobile device is taken a pre-set distance away from the owner, an alarm ...

Centrifuge Interface Transfer and Utilities
Spacecraft Tunnel
Leonard J. Holmin
United States of America

Allows shirtsleeves crew transfer and uninterrupted utility lines between a despun base block module and the center of a revolving human spaceflight habitat. Applications could include an improved swivel conduit, as for an industrial spray hose.

Figure One shows overhead view of tunnel structure and mechanism for an exploration vehicle application.

Video demonstrates with crude model the key principle of radial bending of the BELLOWS joints to allow revolutions parallel to habitat wheel having a planetary motion to produce centrifugal force via its orbit.

Rigid TUNNEL segment is hermetically mated between two modules, revolving and despun, via flexible BELLOWS joints (Figure One), made ...

A recent study, “Reduced mixing time in stirred vessels by means of irregular impellers" (S. Başbuğ, G. Papadakis, and J. C. Vassilicos
Phys. Rev. Fluids 3, 084502 – Published 21 August 2018), shows fractal shapes can mix better with lower torque which would mean reduced power consumption for mixing machines using fractal shaped implements. One study suggests that torque can be reduced by 14% and these mixing devices are employed in a wide range of applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries. 21 Steiros et al.1 and Başbuğ et al.2 introduced fractal impeller blades created with a modification of the regular, rectangular-shaped impeller blades. The design of the novel fractal blades was inspired by the fractal plates tested ...

Design Statement:

Design consists of the following main parts.
1. Panels
2. Steer Wire Rope / Steel Bars or Tubes
3. Lap Lock Joint
4. Earth Foundation Pillars
5. Free Foundation Pillars

Fabrication and Construction:
Install the main pillar, that will support its own panel’s (panel 1) four corners and two corners of other panels (panel 2 and panel 2’) that are lying on its both sides. Other two corners of each panel (panel 2 and panel 2’) will be supported by free foundation pillar of panel 3 and panel 3’. All the panels are attached to each other by lap lock joint that has been described in the image. These installation steps will be so on ...

We use a robust, high-accuracy simulation model of the human head to optimize an American football helmet to reduce the likelihood of concussion and the long term development of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Sports related concussions have been in the spotlight ever since the discovery of CTE, which is a neuro-degenerative brain disease believed to be caused by repetitive concussive and sub-concussive impacts. There are hundreds of concussions reported in American football each year with evidence that nearly 90% of deceased football players had some form of CTE. Therefore, helmets that protect the brain from concussion and CTE are the need of the hour in the sports industry. Helmets on the market today are not equipped to protect the ...

The redirecting missle guidance defense system deploys multiple autonomous fluidic thrust vectoring jet enginge mounts that autonomously attach onto incoming warheads and missles creating different thrust patterns rendering side spin and a asymmetric net force on the incoming missile altering/controlling the missles course of direction. The self docking fluidic thrust vectoring jet engine is optimized as lightweight (less parts) to accommodate for the additional docking ...

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