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Carbon Fiber Monolith With Carbon Hydrophilic-Nanotubes provide:

Stationary Generator in OPEN air. Wind blowing past monolith increases power.

Water maker in open air, adsorbing water then electric swing desorption.

Closed cylinders with pistons reciprocating can be force away from each other, reciprocating from electric Flash-Desorption of water off the surface of carbon fiber monolith with carbon nano-tubes HIGH surface area.

Natural gas and hydrogen, including any fluid or gas, can be adsorbed onto monolith increasing the SAFETY of transporting ANY fuel.

Decomposing water or natural gas into Hydrogen gas source is much more efficient.

A battery terminal application becomes the most efficient battery when fluid surround ONE monolith high surface area of nanotubes SPACE by carbon fiber.

Patent ...

The Major Problems:
➤internal combustion engine [ICE] and turbine/engine exhaust pollutes, destroying the environment and heath of all living things incl. premature death
➤ICE are fuel inefficient in most operating regimes where they spend most of their time, resulting in high amounts of pollutants and CO2 emissions
➤Most municipal/crop/farming/forest waste is buried or dumped in oceans which pollute water/aquifers/air. 8MM tons of plastic winds up in the ocean yearly upsetting the eco-system to almost irreversibility. Micro-plastics are now found in all marine life which threatens massive extinction and negatively effects people who consume fish

The Solution:
For the foreseeable future internal-combustion-engines [ICE], hybrids and turbines will still be the go-to solutions.

Using a novel air cycle and few simple ...

"One small step for Automotive, One giant leap for Aerospace."

Apollo 11, 747s, Concordes: 66 years after Kitty Hawk. 134 years after Daimler_Benz's unipiston tricycle we've added one pneumatic wheel, myriad microinnovations incrementally improving thermal efficiency (20%.)
Small steps indeed, considering another 80% waste: "25lb new tire, 20lb scrapped” – 358 billion pounds historically trashed, with 8mm tread exhausted – pencils used once, discarded unsharpened – rockets before SpaceX.

Electric Vehicles’ cleaner, greener planet-saving futures facilitation requires rethinking automotive technology, unconstrained – literally – “from the wheels up,” hence ReNEWheel’s variable wheel width, height, traction and renewable tread.
Our “mechanical pencil” approach’s extensible/renewable tread addresses EV/conventional_tire mismatch, minimizing rolling_resistance, (“virtual_slopes” perpetually climbed,) below 100kph dominating aerodynamic drag/drivetrain losses.

Honda’s ...

Panic Sensor, sensor used to tap brain waves and electrical signals of a human being, especially for women and children. This sensor is connected virtually to the person owning a mobile device. The signal is continuously monitored for the panic, fear or any other odd signal due to emergency that a person will develop, by the Panic Sensor. During any uncomfortable situation, the brain signal which were monitored by the panic sensor, were analyzed. The signal which arises out of panic, fear or odd signal from that person, were mapped for a code which will match the signal code that are existing in the database. The AI will used be for signal mapping functioning at a remote location will ...

Patent Pending https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2019018832A2/ Electric Motors & Generators have fragments of the COST in electric-field materials from portion of CIRCLE ALWAYS providing 360-degree of FORCE from at least ONE rotor pole ALWAYS in the magnetic-field of stator's Circle-Arc, Pictures. Provides 360-degrees of Torque.

1. Prior Art of Electrical Machines with a full 360-degree array of rotating magnetic fields on a rotor electrically interact by rotating within a full 360-degree array of stationary magnetic fields fixed in the full circumference of a closed circle curve stator apparatus, wherein the improvement comprises;
One open circle-arc stator’s arc length is a portion of the circumference of a fully closed circle stator curve defined dimensionally as 360-degrees divided by the number of rotor poles ...

Certs U is a mobile app and web-based database that houses a plethora of certifications held by personnel in the medical profession and beyond.

My story and experience is not limited to DeOnte Taylor. Working in the medical profession is very rewarding, it is impactful, it comes with heartache and pain when you lose a patient, or you console a hurting family, or simply have to work through unforgiving moments on any given day. Having the additional weight and worry to keep track of my four certifications has been overwhelming. My mind and focus is on providing excellent care. In sharing my dilemma with colleagues I learned that they had similar issues and frustrations. For that reason Certs U became ...

This is a design for a single person flying vehicle. This is an electric flying vehicle that uses two high speed counter rotating ducted fans to create lift. The fans are 36 inches in diameter. The estimated flight time is about 20 minutes with the current battery technology. The vehicle will be able to lift one 250 lb. person. The vehicle will be made using a combination of additive manufacturing for the core of the frame and other parts and hand layup of carbon fiber for the skin. By using this unique manufacturing technology the cost of manufacturing would be greatly reduced. Using the 3D Printed core structure would eliminate the need for molds and would save lots of ...

As hazardous molecules such as HC, CO and Nox from automobile exhaust and air pollution can cause allergy and coughing and trigger cancer, Green Island Smart Ecological Purification System has thus been designed. By heating up ceramic substrates, the Green Island system transforms hazardous molecules into nutrients and oxygen required for algae cultivation, and electricity generated by algal photosynthesis is used for reproduction and cultivation lights to keep the temperature of ceramic substrates in the Green Island system to boost circulation. Additionally, aquatic plants growing on Green Island can exchange nutrients with algae to form ecological symbiosis. Excessive algae which can be picked and made into biomass petroleum become energy suppliers. Green Island not only purifies air, but also ...

The present application relates to precision mechanical tools, and more particularly to a combination tool for tensioning a fastener, for example as done when truing and aligning a tension-spoked wheel.

Many precision assembly operations require measuring the amount of tensile strain applied to fasteners. For example, in the fabrication of engines and pressure vessels, stretch bolts need to be torqued while measuring the amount of bolt stretch to ensure tensile strain on the fastener is within specification. For threaded fasteners, precision fastening entails a cumbersome two-part process: first, the bolts are torqued to a certain specification and then, the tensile strain of the fastener is measured. This process is repeated until the manufacturing specs are achieved for each fastener.

Mr. Richard Phillips Feynman, a famous genius scientist, introduced a Brownian ratchet in his book “The Feynman Lectures on Physics” (see Figure 1). The Brownian ratchet is also referred to as Feynman’s ratchet, Feynman’s thermal ratchet and the like.

The Brownian ratchet is a submicron-scale micromachine in which components move randomly by Brownian motion. The micromachine can be manufactured by using microfabrication technologies such as semiconductor fabrication technologies, nanotechnologies and molecular machine technologies.

The Brownian ratchet is a micromachine extracting useful work from Brownian motion. Details of the Brownian ratchet are omitted here. Please search the internet etc. for details of the Brownian ratchet.

As an important point, Mr. Feynman denies that the impeller and the ratchet rotate continuously ...

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