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My idea consists of using the new small and powerful magnets to hold dentures in place securely without the use of any denture adhesive. There are many companies that make these magnets in many different sizes, down to 1/4" diameter and less. This method could easily free thousands if not millions of people from using any adhesives at all in the near future. These tiny magnets would revolutionize the dental industry. The market for this innovation is phenomenal. The cone and crater design would be finalized by trial and error to resolution in a smooth transition design that would be easy to install and remove.

Daniel J. Rutecki
Age 89, former GE Aerospace and NASA ...

What happens when an astronaut gets sick? Current missions require that astronauts take medications with them from Earth. But many medications degrade over time, especially protein drugs, and the necessary stockpile takes up precious mass and volume on a spacecraft. With the push towards long-term human missions to the Moon and Mars, this model is not sustainable. Even on Earth, there are many people without access to critical medicines because regional production and distribution systems are lacking, especially in remote areas, resource-poor areas and in austere environments. Our solution is an “Astropharmacy” – an innovation that allows protein drugs to be produced “on demand,” even in the remote environment of space, using genes as templates for cellular or cell-free ...

It is well known that piston secondary motion affects the dynamics of the piston/ring/liner system in an internal combustion engine. A number of analytical models have been proposed to understand and control its effect on engine noise, engine friction and oil consumption. Also, tightening fuel efficiency and emissions regulations have led to engine downsizing, thereby creating new durability challenges for the piston/ring/liner system. Higher heat loads and higher mechanical loads have spurred the development of new running-in and wear-resistant coatings for improved performance and durability. These coatings are challenging to study analytically, and engine dynamometer tests must always be conducted to confirm their scuffing and wear behavior early in the development process and before production-release.

What is needed is a ...

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, and other events will continue to test the strength of the infrastructure modern society relies on, such as communication equipment like cellular networks.

Communications infrastructure needs to be restored within 72 hours after which the survival chances of victims decrease drastically.

Our IoT hardware solution ClusterDuck addresses this issue. Ducks are miniaturized multi-terrain wifi-enabled devices that are dispersed in clusters in areas where traditional infrastructure and communications is offline.

Once dispersed, the Ducks create an ad-hoc wireless network, enabling civilians in need of aid to connect to the network, and send information about their situation, location, and needs.

The DuckLink
A DuckLink, or simply a Duck, is a small WiFi-enabled IoT device in ...

A heavy duty rechargeable/solar autonomous crawler with 4x4 capabilities (UGV). UGV acts as a communication hub and or command center. The 4x4 crawler UGV has a built in concealed communication housing box consisting of all the electical components/hardware for transmission operations. The crawler is also equipped with an autonomous lightweight canvas that can be minipulated to form a concealed makeshift tent for various weather conditions as well as acts as the CEO/command center/tent bunk for long durations spent in the same location. The UVG is recharged via reattachable solar panels to sustaine power to the tent and the communication hubs electronics. Led lights are woven within the tents fabric that connect directly into the UGV to supply power to ...

It is common knowledge that a conrod which converts reciprocation of the piston into rotation of the crank is essential for a reciprocation engine. However, a conrod causes side thrust loss and hinders building a fuel-efficient engine. As a solution to this multi-decade problem, we propose our conrodless engine based on our own “Z mechanism” technology.

“Z mechanism” is an alternative mechanism to the piston-crank mechanism. It separates the reciprocation motion of a piston into the horizontal X direction and the vertical Y direction resulting in a rotational motion. We have been applying this proprietary technology towards solving common problems prevalent with the piston-crank mechanism such as energy loss, friction heat, and vibration.

We have developed three engine prototypes ...

In today's world, we use a massive amount of energy every day, nearly 25000 TWh per year. Additionally, a big percentage of this energy is supplied by nonrenewable energy sources, such as Oil (31%), Coal (28.6%) and Natural Gas (21.2%) in 2014. Furthermore, it is obvious that the consumption of nonrenewable energy sources is one of the major reasons for global warming causing oil spills, the abrupt increase in CO2 amount in the atmosphere, deforestation and etc. That's why energy supply is one of the major problems of today's world.

So we designed a keyboard and named it "Click Energy" that could be used as an alternative energy source by storing electricity generated from usage of its own. Placed ...

SCROLL-X combines a flexible light guide, electronic paper display, and laser projection technology to reduce the risk of placing an emergency stop sign when a vehicle breaks down during daytime or night time. The reel design can be installed in the trunk, allowing users to quickly open the Scroll-X after opening the trunk, and it automatically activates the enlarged vehicle breakdown message; combining with the projection of laser dynamic lane shifting indication several meters behind the breakdown vehicle. The approaching cars can clearly identify the warning from a distance to improve the chance of high-speed collision when the night visibility is poor. SCROLL-X can be used with mobile device APP and all kinds of hooking and standing accessories, which ...

Enriching work efficiency and rate of production, reducing production costs and workload, refining services and customer relations, maintaining security on a vast scale are a few of the top reasons why the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) industry is promising.

To gain an insight, in consequence of the continuous population growth- Egypt leads its way towards sustainability through the investment in its vast territories. In a world free of UAVs technologies, quality assurance imposes the existence of a complex infrastructure, powered by thousands of employees who will be in charge of observing these landscapes, collecting data, examining the overall conditions, predicting potential crisis and acting upon which - if any occurred. On such a large-scale project, a lot of workload ...

To provide a sustainable source of desalinated water from ocean surface water by having floating platforms filter, distil and collect the water, using solar energy.

Current desalination techniques require large amounts of energy to run the plants. Furthermore the waste salt creates an environmental problem via sterilisation of the land it is dumped on. My concept hopes to retain the salt within the ocean, without concentrating it in the water, by using a slow but steady method.

The platform can be used along the coastline near settlements, especially for impoverished villages, and to assist areas hit by natural disasters which have had their infrastructure destroyed.

Market Potential:
A large scale production and installation of the platforms could ...

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