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An autonomous and or manually controlled mortar which is wirelessly synced/paired to a drone. The drones GPS positioning and 360 camera displays and mapping functions are used to manually and or Autonomously target/fire mortar rounds. The drones built in active GPS antenna acts as a accurate on site targeting relay fish and reciever system to directly target a enemy. The active GPS has saved topography of specifically uploaded territory/terrains. The active GPS pairs to the manual fish lense cameras 360 function which enables the user to set lock a mortar round on a target using a screen/monitor. The manual targeting system is equipped with a monitor display shot connection target analysis which is a marker "x" reticle or a ...

The availability of high-performance Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) electronics that can withstand Low Earth Orbit conditions has opened an avenue for wide deployment of CubeSats and small-satellites. Swarms of these small satellites offer whole new capabilities in Earth observation, global positioning and communication compared to a large monolithic spacecraft. These spacecraft can provide bigger apertures that increase gain in communication antennas, increase area coverage or effective resolution of distributed cameras and enable persistent observation of ground or space targets. However, there remain important challenges in operating large number of spacecrafts at once. Current methods require a large number of ground operators which poses challenges in terms of coordination and control and which prevents the technology from scaled up in cost-effective ...

A method for designing a plastic that is comprised of RF sensitive monomers whereby they can react with specifically tuned RF fields to de-polymerize thus converting the polymer into its monomer components.

Plastics are known for their extremely useful properties and have invoked a materials revolution since it's creation. Durable, watertight, light weight & easily manufactured, plastics have become ubiquitous in our modern world. However, on the down side, plastics are too perfect and long lasting, the disposable of which has become an issue of world wide, environmental, concern.

Current methods of handling plastic waste include recycling, re-purposing, land filling, incineration, sublimation, bio-degradation/digestion, temporal degradation, photo degradation & conversion via chemical (including enzymatic) reaction. Each method has it's advantages and disadvantages, ...

Quantum Locking/Flux Pinning

Presented is a Hybrid SpacePlane design using quantum-locking/flux-pinning for long-term space-flight. Interstellar climate suggests type-2 superconductivity is supported for long-term travel. No launch pad or runway needed; vertical take-off/landing capability cut 40% cost. Fuel cost is drastically reduced by “weightless” propulsion and storage via quantum locking.

Current technology enables production while implementing future technologies inspired by SR-71/X-15 in a modified hybrid using LH2/LN2 with magnetic propulsion and alternating adaptable systems.

Solid Rocket Boosters/engines are housed within a cryo-magnetic superconductor cradle (CMSC) through Type 2 superconductors fed through regenerative circulation system that outlines entire vessel using magnetic field lines and flux tubes to carry weight of fuel and engines. Spacecraft is composed of Titanium ...

Background and Motivation
The conceptual manufacturing process of Hybrid Single Shot (HSS) has been developed by Clemson Composite Center to enable production of customized hybrid structures in one single operation. The metal-polymer sandwich structures provide superior properties such as high bending inertia, sound and heat insulation, and high energy absorption, which make them attractive for aerospace and recently automotive applications. Conventionally, 3D sandwich structures are produced either through a multi-stage manufacturing process or by forming a prelaminated blank. The former approach is not efficient enough for mass productions and the later one limited the forming geometry due to excessive shear tension and interlayer delamination. Hence, in this work, a new process is introduced in which a 3D sandwich structure ...

Groundwater, the water in aquifers accessible by wells, is a critical component of the U.S. water supply. It is important for both domestic and agricultural water needs, among other uses. Nearly half of the nation’s population uses groundwater to meet daily needs; in 2015, about 149 million people (46% of the nation’s population) relied on groundwater for their domestic indoor and outdoor water supply.

For some, this resource is readily available and in great supply. In the agriculture industry, however, that is not always the case. Access and proper use of water is imperative for the sustainability, growth and livelihood of agriculture.

Consistently stressed conditions can have dramatic long-term effects on groundwater. If pumping continues in excess of recharge, ...

Mercedes Benz CLX - Conscious Luxury Concept

The main idea was to solve the issues that we will face in the future in the mega cities all around the world. We already see many concepts that try to approach some of these problems but design and life its not only to solve these issues, we require products that improve the life of the users and also the comfort and luxury. How i approach it, its not only based on materials or fashion criteria, for me the future of luxury in all products will be extremely related to how the product its done, the interaction with the user, the simplicity and efficiency, the foot print they leave behind, the origin ...

Several million toddlers have to wait until a specific time that is set by the caregiver. Not knowing the concept of time, it is hard to follow what "in an hour" means. Toddlers need a simple way that they can relay on. The idea is to give the time a face of known. and to provide a simple way such the child learns to wait and be rewarded. A reliable indicator of WHEN that occasion is going to happen.

It is a horizontal part, where an item starts to move (could be a Micky Mouse, a train, a car) and where it reaches an end. The time can be set as required and the item moves fast (if set ...

Consider a path to profitability for commercial food retailers, one that competing online merchants cannot touch. A means of achieving impressive ROI within two years. A process that promises to recover $4.4 billion in lost revenues annually. A system that helps manage regional peak loads for electric utilities, lessening the likelihood of brownouts and blackouts. All of these ideals can become reality through the Grid Fruit innovation, which improves energy efficiency while reducing peak power demand and utility costs using machine learning and data science. This technology increases energy productivity and reduces demand, saving food retailers up to 15% in operational costs from reduced energy consumed, demand response rebates where applicable, and reduced peak demand (lowering the significant electrical ...

Design Statement:
Design consists of the following main parts.
1. Electric Bike
2. Road Surface
3. Rail Track
4. Panto-graph
5. Cylindrical / Conical Shaped Rollers
6. Led Displays or Notification Boards
7. Internal threading in Wheel hub to hold and support cylindrical/ conical rollers

Motorbike vehicle runs on the road surface for normal distance. For long trip or journey, motorbike engines/wheels are powered by electrical energy, running on the rail tracks with the help of cylindrical / conical shaped rollers. LED Displays or Notification Boards are placed along the path of track to provide journey-related information to the ...

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