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Design Statement:
Design consists of the following main parts.
1. Electric Bike
2. Road Surface
3. Rail Track
4. Panto-graph
5. Cylindrical / Conical Shaped Rollers
6. Led Displays or Notification Boards
7. Internal threading in Wheel hub to hold and support cylindrical/ conical rollers

Motorbike vehicle runs on the road surface for normal distance. For long trip or journey, motorbike engines/wheels are powered by electrical energy, running on the rail tracks with the help of cylindrical / conical shaped rollers. LED Displays or Notification Boards are placed along the path of track to provide journey-related information to the ...

Living in New Zealand, one of the challenges we face especially during the winter months is sun-strike while driving. This is due to the sun being low in the sky on clear winter mornings or evenings.

Over the years, we had several accidents due to poor visibility and unawareness apart from being poorly equipped. This can be prevented with the introduction of better technology. Innovation is at the peak and we are in the 21st century with the advancement in technology, research, economy, human collaboration and confidence.

We possibly could innovate effective and reliable equipment which would benefit everyone and around the world. With numerous cars on the road using sophisticated technology, there is a lack of development ...

The occurrence of wounds or deep injuries in patients located in very distant places, places in conflict or even, in outer space, where the transportation of the patient can be very complicated or it can take days to carry the patient to an attention place, generates risk for lives of people located in these places or circumstances.

In this context, it is necessary to stop the bleeding, protect the wound or injury and provide a way for the beginning of the tissue repair from the moment the treatment is started. This implies that, in a device, it is necessary to include a solution for hemostasis, providing support at the cellular level for tissue growth and initiation of repair through ...

Oasis on Mars
Natural disasters, wars-atom bombs, threaten human existence on earth. The only other planet in our solar system that offers suitable conditions for existence is Mars. The arms war is at it's peak. NASA, space research stations around the world and startup companies are already working enthusiastically to enable habitation in 2030 on Mars.

What will be the design of the habitat? How will it be built with minimum means, with a suitable environment for the first astronauts away from Earth? The environment should protect their mental and physical health, and act as a base for future city development. Here is where architecture comes into play.

Architecture on Mars is different. For the firs time, it deals ...

Ultra-lightweight vehicles are being developed to provide a number of high tech, long duration functions during flight. Applications including: military, weather, shipping, safety, commercial, border control, etc. applications. These vehicles typically are large, fragile, solar powered aircraft operating at between 50,000 and 90,000 feet for days to months timeframes.They typically have solar panels on the top of the wings and banks of batteries to store energy for night time operation. Usually > 50% of the vehicle weight is for batteries alone.

This approach provides a way to secondarily charge the batteries, along with significantly (40 to 60%) reducing the weight of storage batteries required for operation. Additional optical panels, designed for specific wavelengths (with up to >80% conversion efficiencies) ...

Design Statement and Working:

A hanger ring for hanging clothes to dry with air draft has been mounted on support a bar that connects a ceiling fan to the roof.

Ring has round shape with ‘plus sign’ shape support frame has larger diameter than ceiling fan maximum diameter at wings end tips for suitable clearance between wings end points and clothes to allow efficient movement of air draft for best dryness results in less time.

One of the rings (hanger) can be fixed to the support bar at one time and other rings can be connected to this main ring via connected links as per need.

Bulbs can be used to provide thermal energy in drying process and can ...

Able Innovations’ mission is to improve healthcare outcomes and people’s quality of life by developing innovative assistive technologies. Our first innovation is a transfer robot that can lift, move, and place humans in a fully automated manner with zero-physical effort from caregivers.

Our innovation moves objects similarly to a standard conveyor belt, but unique design considerations must be made to ensure the product is capable of performing fully-automated transfers of individuals in a safe, efficient, and dignified manner.

To do so, we are developing a unique biocompatible material for the conveyor belt surface, as well as an intricate sensory system to ensure a tolerable level of force is exerted on the individual being transferred, and that there is no ...

Design Statement:
Design of this transport system consists of the following main parts.
1. Main vehicle/ engine with electric or fuel powered thrust engines, fold-able wings. To move or run the vehicle on road surface or track surface four powered wheels are there in the vehicle.
2. Frame to place the air-foiled shape cabin or bogies.
3. Airfoil shaped cabins to carry passengers and payload with glass front cover and solar panels at roof as per option. Landing wheels are there in each boggy or cabin to allow them to move or run over the road or track surface.
4. Rotary seats inside the airfoil shaped bogies or cabins. Outed tube or body of seat mechanism is worked as ...

This approach describes a technique to be able to transfer large amounts of electrical energy from a stable platform to a high velocity moving vehicle in a near vacuum environment with no physical contact. In some of the new Hyperloop type transport systems, large amounts of energy will need to be stored (batteries) or created (fuel based motors) to power the on-board functions required for the operation of the transport Hyperloop type vehicles. These ‘on-board’ functions include magnetic levitation, air compressors and pumping systems, lighting, heating and cooling of passenger volumes, control electronics, etc. The existing approaches (diesel engines, batteries, etc.) are a large factor in the ‘empty’ mass and volume of the vehicle, which means the amount of ...

For 30 years lean combustion has been known to lower NOx emissions and many programs outline its benefit and in its Tapps II Combusor final report submitted by GE for its GEnx Engine in 2013 it shows zero fractal components. If things are the same, a small but important change can be made. It was shown that fractal grids can increase turbulence by over 100% and higher (Geipel et al 2010). In the recent book “Fractal Flow Design: How to Design Bespoke Turbulence and Why” Springer 2016. Editors Yaschiko Sakai and Christos Vassilicos outlined a series of studies that show bespoke or “customized” turbulence is now possible and can play an important role in Lean Combustion.

A lean burn ...

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