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Our cities are increasingly congested and polluted. The average London driving commuter spent over 9 days waiting in traffic last year, and the city broke its annual air pollution target by the end of January. But it doesn’t have to be like this: a new generation of electric micro vehicles that can move people quickly, efficiently, and cleanly is emerging.

Of these, electric bicycles have seen the strongest consistent growth in recent years with sales across Europe exploding from 0.1 million units in 2006 to over 2 million in 2017 worth €3.2bn, that’s an average growth rate of 28% per year for over a decade. Folding bikes, meanwhile, have been around for much longer. There is a growing consumer ...

In a move from rural to urban we are posed to be maxed out with our current transportation infrastructure for mass transit. Here is where the extended range and class 3 ebike start to be adapted for mass transit. It is a lattice that is connecting the rural parks to the urban cities. The lattice consists of paved park bike paths that are parallel to mass transit but for bikes , runners, walkers, or hikers. These ebikes blend in between these 2 environments seamlessly.

The extended range model is an ebike that is capable of doing 20-30 miles range at 28mph. This gives the commuter a comfortable range to go to work, then charge at work and commute back. ...

The global economy thrives on energy. Affordable energy directly contributes to increase productivity, reducing poverty and improving betterment of life. The global population is increasing day by day, which, in a way is leading to the utilization of natural resources and fossil fuels. Concentrating on the limited stock of fossil fuel, efforts have been in full swing to search for sustainable alternative to petroleum without adversely affecting the supply of food with keeping the environment clean (GO GREEN).

Biodiesel from algae is the most promising renewable biofuel derived from biomass with the potential to completely displace petroleum-derived fuel without adversely affecting the supply of food and other crop products, while keeping the environment pollution free. An alga grows naturally ...

This design uses virtual reality (VR) tools to conduct detailed examinations of human melanoma and disease progression and possible treatment. The tests will use a ConfocalVR systems. Instead of viewing cell images as a three-dimensional model on a flat computer screen, clinicians and researchers will be able to project cell images from normal and diseased tissue into a VR space, see detailed images of internal structure and directly interact with the three-dimensional images in virtual reality.

Patients themselves can immerse themselves in the VR space and view the VR images using our tools. ImageJ software free from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is used to convert confocal microscope image stacks into 3D volumetric object files (NIfTI ) that ...

There is a lot of need for green clean and cheap fuels in the world. The main source of energy for 150 years has been fossil fuels. However, the world is running out of this source rapidly and there are detrimental effects of its use e.g. pollution and economic impact.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are one of the newest developments in progress today Hydrogen is a renewable source without hazardous by-products. More importantly, hydrogen is a source regenerating fuel; it can be produced from water, intermediately stored, and finally used in either internal combustion engines or fuel cells to turn back to water. It is believed that if hydrogen solar cars are successfully developed and deployed; it will represent ...

Traditionally, orthopedic surgeons have relied upon surgical screws to stabilize bone fractures. However, these screws often need to be removed due to pain and inadequate performances, causing surgical device removal surgeries to account for over 30% of all planned orthopedic surgeries. Screws have protruding heads that make them prone to catching on nearby muscle and nervous tissue, causing immense pain for patients. Additionally, screws occupy a large portion of the medullary canal, impeding bone tissue healing. Screws also often “back out”, or loosen, which requires costly followup surgery to redo them. These concerns would be resolved with our product, FastenPro.

FastenPro fastens a wire perpendicular to the fracture, through the bone, to be secured on either end by stainless ...

"Billions of people are at risk of exposure to increasingly dangerous heat conditions. They need access to cooling, but without warming the planet.

An estimated 3.3 billion room air-conditioning units will be installed in the world between now and 2050. Most of these units are inefficient and will place a significant burden on electricity grid infrastructure and consumers in developing countries. Drastic transformation of residential cooling technology through innovation can improve people’s health, productivity, and well-being, all while avoiding runaway climate change." (Source GCP)

Swirl AC can solve this future problem.

Swirl only uses water to provide cooling (and heating).

It does this using about 1/6 the power of chemical refrigerant AC.

Swirl can give 5.3kW of cooling using ...


The current global challenge is the safety concerns and sustainability of raw materials supply for energy storage in the face of explosion of batteries on long duration recharging based on the current liquid electrolytes in electronic devices and mobility worldwide.


@MIT says whomever finds conductive solid state Polymer Electrolyte holds the #EVs ace ..

See: http://news.mit.edu/2015/solid-state-rechargeable-batteries-safer-longer-lasting-0817

EU Mission Commitment

EU sees €250b solid state Battery market according to: https://googleweblight.com/i?u=https://ec.europa.eu/growth/industry/policy/european-battery-alliance_en&hl=en-NG)%20googleweblight.com/i?u=https://ec

Our Innovation Solution Is Timely, Safe, Sustainable & Covered By Intellectual Property Rights

Berekotry Ltd flaunts this sustainable green conductive biopolymer from renewable materials found in every region of the world as a potential Solid state Electrolyte which also withstands 1200`C flame that ...

eiTampon, the solution of the future for today's woman.

eiTampon is a paradigm shift in the management of the menstrual period that integrates and complements the best of old methods with cutting-edge technology, creating an entirely new method for the well-being of today's woman thought from the future. eiTampon solves four problems at the same time: a) Decreases the frequency and avoids the discomfort caused by the introduction and removal of the current menstrual cup. It improvements the comfort and safety of the women who use it, giving them more autonomy and empowerment. b) Economic, in the long term, less money is spent than with traditional tampons or pad towels. c) Health, risks of contracting serious diseases by contact with ...

When batteries catastrophically fail, they can overheat, rupture, and or explode. Susceptible lithium ion batteries are everywhere - in consumer products like e-cigarettes, mobile phones, and electric cars, as well as in airplanes and facilities for alternative energy storage. Failures bring serious consequences:

-From 2015-2017, e-cigarette injuries sent more than 2,000 people to the hospital across the U.S. Several incidents were disfiguring or fatal. https://tobaccocontrol.bmj.com/content/28/4/472

-In 2016, Samsung recalled more than one million Galaxy Note 7 phones after at least 35 reports of overheating or exploding batteries worldwide.

-In May 2019, Tesla issued a software update to adjust battery settings in Model S and Model X cars after videos of cars bursting into flames in Asia became public.

-An ...

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