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NASA inventors have developed a set of puncture self-healing materials comprised of commercially available, known self-healing polymer resin and additive blends. A range of puncture healing blends was developed by melt blending self-healing polymers with non-self-healing polymeric materials.

Puncture healing capability of the melt blends improves at higher temperatures
Thermoplastic materials that can repeatedly and intrinsically self-heal without the need for foreign inserts or fillers (such as microencapsulated monomer)
Blend of self-healing polymer materials with high strength polymer resins potentially enables the materials to be used in structural, load bearing applications


Radiation shielding
Fuel tank liners
Healing layers in ballistic protection for armor, helmets and other personal protective equipment
Packaging material

Our off-grid tiny home designs will be on a trailer powered by solar energy and propane. The goal is to use the latest in renewable technology to create a daily living space that is equal or better in providing comfort and the convenience of a larger home. The main difference between a Solarcycle tiny home design and other tiny homes is our focus on treating the home as a thermodynamic project involving long- term tiny home living issues such as waste management, ventilation, condensation, ergonomics, accessibility, energy efficiency, insulation, safety, and manufacturability. Right now, our prototype tiny home will include an incinerator toilet, solar power storage, propane heating and cooking, an energy recovery ventilator, LED lighting, and Aerogel insulation.



My wife is an ecclectic collector of recipes. I always joke with her that she has the
largest collection of Internet- supplied recipes in the world. And, despite that, she never
fails to ask me: “So, what should I make for supper tonight ?”.

A symptom of food preparation today, our laziness compels us to rely on quick food.
But, our taste buds and bodies yearn for a fresh, home-cooked meal. It easily explains all
these new services providing home delivered meal ingredients along with “easy-to-use”
preparation instructions. It also explains the newest kitchen appliances that are (almost)
all-in-one meal makers.

The truth is that ...

Magnetic-Levitation (MagLev) rail provides a virtually frictionless way to transport people and goods at high speeds of 300 mph (480 km/h) or more. MagLev trains can be fast, but they are still trains – they must stop and start often, and stations might be far from passengers’ homes or businesses. As such, MagLev trains offer little advantage over conventional steel-wheels-on-steel-rails systems.

Let us separate “railroad” from “train” and have individual vehicles that use computer-automated technology to go non-stop from the starting to the destination depots. The fees charged to each such vehicle depend mainly on the weight of the vehicle and the distance traveled, so there is a MagLev “Turnpike”. To do this, you need to be able to switch ...

Building this requires 9 machines. Put 3 of them together to work as one, repeat that 2 more times with the other 6 machines. You should have one big machine with 3 different motors.(you want it to work/spin as fast as it can).3 iron shafts with a diameter of more than 2 and half inches, with 3 claws on each shaft. each claw should be an estimated foot long totaling 9 claws altogether. bearings should be used to spin the 3 shafts simultaneous with one another. 9 pure titanium blades, size and sharpness matters for the blades. put the shafts with blades in an at least 1 inch thick iron bucket at least covering the shafts. This will shred ...

NASA Langley Research Center has developed a compact self-tuning damper to reduce vibration occurring at a fixed frequency. Tuned dampers reduce vibration of the base structure by the dissipation of energy. The magnitude of the dissipated energy is proportional to the range of motion. The NASA damper design allows the slider mass to achieve 2x-3x greater range of motion than that found in conventional devices. This enables 4x-9x more effectiveness for the same size and weight; or the same effectiveness for a 4x-9x decrease in weight. The damper is self-tunable and can be adjusted in effectiveness. The damper can be made small enough for use in wind tunnel tests or scaled up to large sizes, like those used in ...

Products with marketing campaigns exist, striving to accurately meet the desires of purchasers.
Imagine: A quality beverage with recipes of historical nature, updated to construct a recognizable reputation. The innovation dominates in the target market.
Problem: For novices and consumers alike, choices vary in campaign and form. For example, expiration dates indicate freshness. With scientific innovation, products extend their lifespan. Language evolution identifies these markers. As we have come to find, eskimo’s have 20+ words for snow in varying states. All may leave a person wondering; what’s the difference?
Solution: Upon conception, color changing vodka was not just meant to increase quality of life in the 21+ leisure marketplace, but also allow its audience to deconstruct the inherently scientific ...
The Maz21 energy concept evolved from the water web concept of 2018 (https://www.entrepreneurship-campus.org/ideas/16/10791/). It seeks to generate power in a cost effective way. It utilizes kinetic water turbines fixed in a series inside a 80cm internal diameter polyethylene tube. The whole system will have 4 kinetic water turbines which shall be connected to form a complete cycle. The water shall flow inside the tubes by a force from the Magnito-hydro dynamics propulsion units, designed and inserted in the tubes.
The water used in the maz21 energy concept shall be ionized in order to improve current density and reduce the joules effect resulting poor conductivity.
The whole system has a unique infrastructure design, this means the system shall burried in ...
Mosquitoes breed in the basins beneath planter pots. In many, there is a protruding lip used to water the plant. Planter pots are generally of a two-part design with the water basin at the bottom and the plant with potting soil on the top.

Gardeners bottom water through the lip in tight-fitting basin/pot configurations or in the basin in looser-fitting basin/pot configurations. The gap, wide or tight, and the watering lips permit entry of egg-laying female mosquitoes and exit of young, hungry mosquitoes.

The solution is a strip of fabric with a mesh tight enough to prevent crossing by mosquitoes but loose enough to permit bottom watering. This is akin to an adhesive bandage and can be purpose-built to ...

This invention is a solution to the annual $1 Billion problem of storm water back up in basements during power outages and all the hardship caused to homeowners, especially those with finished basements.

Unlike battery back up pumps which typically only operate for 1-2 hours, this design will run 24-7-365 keeping basements dry during power outages of any duration, without any batteries.

Other key advantages are near 100% efficiency vs. venturi pumps that are 40-50% at best, and no need for a back flow preventer with physical separation of municipal water and sump ...

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