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The current global challenge is the safety concerns and sustainability of raw materials supply for energy storage in the face of explosion of batteries on long duration recharging based on the current liquid electrolytes in electronic devices and mobility worldwide.


@MIT says whomever finds conductive solid state Polymer Electrolyte holds the #EVs ace ..

See: http://news.mit.edu/2015/solid-state-rechargeable-batteries-safer-longer-lasting-0817

EU Mission Commitment

EU sees €250b solid state Battery market according to: https://googleweblight.com/i?u=https://ec.europa.eu/growth/industry/policy/european-battery-alliance_en&hl=en-NG)%20googleweblight.com/i?u=https://ec

Our Innovation Solution Is Timely, Safe, Sustainable & Covered By Intellectual Property Rights

Berekotry Ltd flaunts this sustainable green conductive biopolymer from renewable materials found in every region of the world as a potential Solid state Electrolyte which also withstands 1200`C flame that ...

Problem statement:
Detection and calculation of malaria parasitemia in human blood smear

Malaria represents a serious public health problem for humans and animals worldwide. Malaria is endemic in more than 100 countries while the majority of the cases occurs in tropic countries. Estimation of parasitemia (in stained blood smears) is an important parameter in malaria diagnosis and malaria research; however it is being perform manually since binging, which is a time consuming method. In contrast this study proposes a Python (Open CV) based image processing tool for easy, user friendly, accurate and cost effective calculation of parasitemia. During this process, initially the malaria positive blood smear image was acquired and a Python Code for Image Processing was developed ...

The air conditioning of spaces has become a need of the human being to have a better quality of life, it is common for many families to have equipment to cool the air in their homes in the spring and summer seasons; In hospitals it is important to have air cooling systems for the hygiene conditions that are required, as well as to maintain comfort in public places such as cinemas and restaurants. Particularly in the geographical areas where there is a warm climate, air conditioning equipment is very necessary to counteract the high temperatures. Our team has identified certain problems that still exist regarding conventional air conditioning equipment:

1.- There is a part of the population that cannot ...

1) As already described in 2017 and 2018 entry a body sliding on an inclined plane can be supported by a thread or support perfectly parallel to the horizontal.The weight of a body that is unsupported even at the position of rest by this mechanism is maximum for a plane of inclination 45°as explained mathematically in preprint manuscript doi:10.5281/zenodo.439108 causing compression of spacetime below and expansion of space time above the supporting surface.Here technical modification is made to support the body by a perfectly horizontal thread or support on a plane of increased inclination by way of pressure by an elastic recoil force.

2) The modification has weight of body sliding on inclined plane IP1 and IP2 of lightweight ...

There are many factors that affect agriculture but the physical factor is the critical matter. Physical factors affecting agriculture are (i) climate (ii) soil and (iii) topography. Meaning temperature, the growing season, altitude, rainfall and wind are the most critical part of a good farming output and most plants are very selective on those factors preference for growing. Even if the land fulfills all the requirements, the output of crops depends upon the space of the land which the farming land fulfills factors like climate which is suitable for the crop.

This project is about solving the space problem in farming land in micro-farming and medium farming areas. This is done by roller farming as seen in the figure. ...

In this current world where technology is growing up day by day which is gradually increasing the usage of precious and expensive things in day to day life for making works handier, the need for security is also hyped in all areas. On the other hand as a human being, we always want to get maximum possible results with less effort and expense. We know well that in the 21st century biometrics is a very effective way of security authentication, but again using the physical biometrics sensors for this purpose makes it a lot more expensive as well as a bit complicated for a common man to afford and use.

When thought variedly for the solution to this problem ...

• Simple Smart Monitoring from (Almost) Anywhere

Connected by a revolutionary new cellular-based technology, the Kiwi empowered by Skyhawk allows you to monitor belongings and remote items located virtually anywhere* without the need for external power or other internet connections, such as WiFi or Bluetooth.

Using advanced MEMS sensor technology, the Kiwi can monitor assets that are touched, moved, or opened using an internal smart accelerometer and integrated reed switch sensor.

Device overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkcMC8uIi60&t=14s

• Easy Setup & Install

Download and register your Kiwi device using the Skyhawk App available on compatible smart devices. Select your low-cost Kiwi subscription plan. Attach your device to anything and let the Kiwi handle the rest by monitoring your assets located virtually anywhere.*



Every year thousands of people lose body parts in accidents caused by different ways. Usually most of the other parts which are used to interact with computer are lost, but the eyes are still working, so why don't we use them? It doesn't mean if he or she doesn't have hands or he or she can't speak, and just because of this issue, he/she will go to bed and sleep the rest of their life. Why don't we find a way to allow their work to be carried out in the same way they used to do? For this purpose we figured that eyes are one of the biggest blessing we take for granted. We are trying to ...

We introduce a low-cost pipette tip-based ELISA platform “ELISA in a Tip” as a next generation assay tool with lower cost, better sensitivity, shorter time, low sample and reagent volumes than traditional ELISA. Our platform could serve as a simple microfluidic adaptor that encourages to blend microfluidic advancement, multiplexing and smartphone integration with widely practiced gold standard ELISA without need for major overhaul of current infrastructure in hospitals and testing laboratories.

Pipette-tip adapters represent the first engineering advancement in decades-old well established diagnostic technique "ELISA." Tips were produced using a desktop 3D printer and were designed to fit most commercially available bench-top pipettes. Unlike ELISA which require extensive training and specialized technicians, pipette-tip ELISA users needs to know basic ...

Environmental contaminants like total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) persist for decades in soils and sediments, and have been linked to cancer, immune and nervous system disorders, reproductive and developmental abnormalities, learning disorders, birth defects, and other health concerns. Traditional remediation methods are expensive and can further damage the environment. The estimated cost of remediating contaminated sites was estimated at $6-$8 billion annually in the U.S. and $425-$500 billion globally, mostly for remediating soils. Current cleanup methods include soil dredging, soil capping, and excavation. Dredging and/or excavating to remove contaminants is expensive, time consuming, and labor intensive, and risks harmful secondary effects such as damage to the ecosystem and the release of carbon ...

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