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Design Statement:
Design of this transport system consists of the following main parts.
1. Main vehicle/ engine with electric or fuel powered thrust engines, fold-able wings. To move or run the vehicle on road surface or track surface four powered wheels are there in the vehicle.
2. Frame to place the air-foiled shape cabin or bogies.
3. Airfoil shaped cabins to carry passengers and payload with glass front cover and solar panels at roof as per option. Landing wheels are there in each boggy or cabin to allow them to move or run over the road or track surface.
4. Rotary seats inside the airfoil shaped bogies or cabins. Outed tube or body of seat mechanism is worked as ...


My wife is an ecclectic collector of recipes. I always joke with her that she has the
largest collection of Internet- supplied recipes in the world. And, despite that, she never
fails to ask me: “So, what should I make for supper tonight ?”.

A symptom of food preparation today, our laziness compels us to rely on quick food.
But, our taste buds and bodies yearn for a fresh, home-cooked meal. It easily explains all
these new services providing home delivered meal ingredients along with “easy-to-use”
preparation instructions. It also explains the newest kitchen appliances that are (almost)
all-in-one meal makers.

The truth is that ...

Radio receivers are part of our day to day life. These are the electronic devices which are receptors of radio waves and translate the obtained information in an acceptable form. They are utilized in combination with antenna. The main purpose of antenna is to convert radio waves into electrical form and required information is extracted by receivers. Filters are also necessary in receivers which are used for separating the radio frequency signals from other signals picked up antenna and electronic amplifier is used to raise power of signal for further processing and finally desired information is recovered using demodulation process. FM radio is one of the most common application. Although there are number of wide range receivers available in ...

Perpetual Motion Automotive Motor ( A "zero emission vehicle" )

In the years and decades to come oil will become exceedingly expensive as the oil was not grown for industrial use but rather harvested from earth's deposits. The following design system is a "draft accelerator" perpetual motion "Active" electric power plant using two types of pressure to then "continually" produce electricity for an electric automobile. The system uses hydraulic fluid ( silicone oil ) and pneumatic ( "air" ) pressure to motivate the power plant. It is important to understand the system does not burn the oil. The system replaces the air pressure automatically.The design cycles hydraulic pressure to produce electricity. It does not burn the oil. ...

Desert regions are excellent places to generate solar power, as the sun shines directly and uninterruptedly during the day. These areas are also the most dusty places in the world due to the prevailing drought. The sand and dust particles clearly hinder the generation of electricity, as the sun's rays are deflected or obscured. PV and CSP system operators are thus forced to constantly clean the surfaces of solar systems with water in order to minimise yield losses. Otherwise they are threatened with yield losses of up to 1 percent per day if the collector surfaces are not cleaned.

But this again causes enormous O&M costs, because water is a precious commodity in desert regions. At least because the ...

There are products like battery operated bats available in the market to kill mosquitoes and insects but there is no battery-less innovation. My invention is very simple and very effective in killing mosquitoes as there is no need for recharging the battery of this mosquito bat. Only a bat and adhesive tape are required to build it. It will work to by trapping and killing mosquitoes. Salient features: (1) there is no need for recharging it. (2) the adhesive tape can be removed and replaced after use. (3) it is a very low cost design so anyone can afford it very easily. (4) it is safe and light weight (5) it can be used many ...

A pillow embedded with PMMA medical grade optical fibers by a CNC machine I invented back in 1997. I coated the surface of the fabric with a thin film of silicon forming a flexible substrate underneath the pillow case so that a grid of light is formed over the surface. I use an Opti-Coupler I invented last year that responds to WIFI and Bluetooth commands from smart phones to generate light frequencies from IR to UV and pulse UV at 40 Hz through the fibers using a AA size 3.7 VDC Lithium Ion battery. You cannot feel or see any indication of any tech in the pillow until activated. The radiation helps to cure Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, and some ...

INNOVICLE is an innovative design concept presented by us for the development of a bicycle in the consumer product range. This conceptual design is basically designed by keeping in mind the changes in the environment due to the increasing harsh effects of pollution due to the use of fossil fuels. Now it's time to shift to consumer products which can effectively help our society in harvesting energy that can be used in normal day to day life works.

In our design concept, we are introducing the concept of Triboelectric nanogenerator Technology in a bicycle in such a way that we will be able to harvest energy during the motion of the bicycle it will not be affecting our environment ...

Various mechanisms are known for lifting and moving cargo. At the same time, we (Grigori and Oleg Lishanski, US Patent No. 10,214,398 B2, Feb. 26, 2019) developed and tested a simple device that is able to economically move a load overcoming the force of gravity. The device is a platform that is supported on the supporting surface. The supporting surface can be installed vertically or at any arbitrary angle to the horizon. A generator of mechanical vibrations (electrovibrator) and a load are installed on the platform. The vibrator allows you to create longitudinal-axial elastic mechanical oscillations of the platform with a given frequency and amplitude relative to the axis of the fixed bearing surface Fig 1. When the vibrator ...

Assessment of OB/GYN patients finds dissatisfaction in common procedures, with “gentleness” as an arguable unit of measure.

Problem: The pelvic exam is of particular note when it is not considered organic due to size, speed, and weight differentials. Additionally, many patients may have grown accustomed to mobility limitations that do not pose significant danger.

Innovation: The newly designed speculum features an additional component that takes the pressure out of the hands of the device operator and places the responsibility on the device itself. It features a ladder-type ribbed locking expansion component and marked units of measure on the shaft.

1. The pelvic exam is not typically considered an instrument of emergency and there would unlikely be a ...

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