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Accexlron is a rapid prototyping micro-controller development board based on the high-performance RISC architecture based ATmega 2560. The board comes with a host of functionalities like: Built-in motor driver circuitry, Bluetooth and Wifi Plug--n-Play compliancy. Higher voltage and current thresholds, Greater Sketch Size and Higher Throughput of 16MIPS at 16Mhz clock speed. The board was primarily designed to eliminate redundant tasks like being vigil about the current and voltage supply, excess power supply that led to frying of your application. The board automates several redundant tasks, aids in hardware minimization while helping DIY-hackers, hardware startups and students alike in rapid ...

In extreme hot summer, many people, particularly the elderly, can suffer heat-stroke and die. For example, in 2018, there were more than 65,000 global deaths due to extreme heat wave. Therefore, air-conditioning is no longer a luxury but a necessity.
Air conditioners literally save lives and improve quality of life both at home and at work. So why are air conditioners not available everywhere? Present day air conditioners, invented in 1902, face a number of challenges. Firstly, they consume huge amounts of energy; secondly, they cause significant environmental detriment due to the use of chemical refrigerants; and lastly, to cool a desired location, they dissipate large amounts of heat to the environment; creating undesirable heat zones.

Conventional water-based ...

Vascular Perfusion Solutions (VPS) has developed a new, unique, and innovative medical device that extends organ and limb viability — the Universal Limb/Organ Stasis System for Extended Storage, or ULiSSES™. VPS is working with a team of world-class scientists to advance ULiSSES™ through FDA clearance and into the clinic. ULiSSES™ will provide organ and limb resuscitation, preservation and transport capabilities both civilian and military environments.

The ULiSSES™ device operates using a combination of fluidics, and mechano-elastic principles for the hypothermic, oxygenated, perfusion, preservation, of limbs and vascularized tissue. The device does not rely on electrical power to operate. Instead, it harvests energy from expanding compressed oxygen to simultaneously drive pulsatile perfusion of vascularized tissue and oxygenation of the preservation ...

Beddingo sheets are a two-piece fitted sheet simple system - a base and a sheet, which attached together for fast and easy sheet changes.

Once installed, the base will remain around the mattress and never have to be removed. Beddingo sheet then easily attached on and off, with velcro fasteners, for easy changing.

Beddingo sheets have 4 main advantages:
1. No need to ever lift your mattress again!
2. Corners doesn’t pop off, stay secure all night long.
3. All fabrics made from premium quality 100% organic cotton.
4. Takes half the time to change ...

Adaptable not only to the environment, but to itself as well.

The full diversity of my Light-Interface System concept can be demonstrated with my model of an invisible suit.

My 3-D Pixel Unit concept already exists, in part, as an angle sensitive pixel, but without the counterpart 3-D pixels and the length of connection between them.

The spherical symmetry of an angle sensitive pixel, adapted to other spherically symmetric 3-D Pixel Units across a Light-Interface System is what allows it to capture the full intersecting angles of the web-of-light thru the concentrated shape of the object in the Light-Interface.

Due to the full wrap-around symmetry of the light-web intersection, replicated in a concentration, by fully wrap-around 3-D Pixels Units on a body, the ...

The battery is a crucial element of our daily lives. As devices become more mobile and interconnected, demands for higher battery capacity, longer duration, and better safety grow much faster than the commercial offer introduced to the market today. Additionally, the regular Lithium-ion batteries in the market use a Direct Current (DC) system and therefore electricity needs to be converted from Alternating Current (AC), which is directly from the power grid to DC in order to be stored in the form of batteries, resulting in power losses. It is for this reason that we have developed a solution to this problem - a battery that integrates a new type of electrode, the Biode, to enable an AC system for ...

Initial design consideration calls for a manually pumped, separating flush toilet similar to a modified manual marine toilet. Subsequent iterations may be suitable for Pour-flush toilets of the seated and squat-plate types.

Operation of the flush mechanism initially pumps flush water to impart turbulent motion to feces in the toilet, further operation of the mechanism suctions the toilet contents through an static mixing chamber and Joker-valve and into the main pump body. The return stroke forces the contents of the main pump body through a second static mixing chamber and Joker-valve, then into a Self Stirring Mesophilic Anaerobic Reactor.

The Self Stirring Mesophilic Anaerobic Reactor consists of a 2-chambered vessel, of equal portions connected at the bottom in such a manner ...

External 3-Dimensional Holodeck Scenery

In it's simplest form, invisibility is depicted outside of the Light-Interface System, while an intersection ( holodeck) of the outside light is displayed, painted all along the interior walls in the Light-Interface, itself.

External Holodeck Scenery

The external world is transmitted thru the Light-Interface System, and part is diverted into continuing it's path thru the space that the Light-Interface System rests in, while a seperate holodeck reality can be painted all along the interior walls of the Light-Interface.

Internal Hologram Casting

If not a computer-generated internal hologram, such as a person or other furniture of the background scenery, it must first be projected from another " input receiving" Light-Interface, before it can be flipped around and transmitted back out the ...

Over two billion people suffer from the effects of water scarcity and the vast majority of those affected live in coastal areas in developing countries and remote communities. Seawater desalination is an excellent potential solution, but desalination systems require a connection to a strong and reliable electrical grid for their power supply.

Because our target customers typically lack sufficient grid capacity and cannot afford the capital or time required to build and deploy grid-connected systems, Resolute Marine has devised a unique solution to this problem - the world’s first wave-driven desalination system (Wave2O™) that can be deployed quickly, operate completely “off-grid” and supply large quantities of clean fresh water at competitive cost.

Our solution has the unique advantage of ...

Sunatori's Effect refers to Anisotropic Electromagnetic Force Phenomena which were recently discovered by Simon Sunatori, P.Eng./ing., M.Eng. (Engineering Physics/Génie physique), F.N.A., IEEE-SM, WFS-LM, BNR/NT (MSS).

Anisotropy manifests itself in dramatic fashion as unexpected physical phenomena of magnetic attraction-repulsion, which is analogous to love-hate relationship. Experiments appear to defy basic law of nature, raising more questions than answers. Such a fundamental discovery could lead to some industrial applications in future.

Homo-Magnetic Like-Pole Attraction

Conventional wisdom dictates that like poles repel and opposite poles attract. Thus, the S-pole of a small-diameter rod-shaped or disc-shaped permanent magnet attaches to the N-pole of a large-diameter disc-shaped permanent magnet as expected, as shown in Figure 1, albeit only to the peripheral region. However, the ...

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