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Innovative cycles in the emergence of fundamentally new types of gyroscopes last for a period of forty to fifty years, and the change from one to another occurs only after a serious breakthrough in physics and technology. Gyros can measure the course of a scientific revolution.

Today offered a fundamentally new type of power astatic gyroscope. The spherical rotor with magnets makes forced coherent oscillations around in a vacuum cavity of a stator with solenoids under computer control. The device can decide the problems of converting vacuum energy into electrical energy and generating entropic forces for move objects in space and on Earth (not a reactive way).

Good news - unusual gyroscope is already working!

The extremely simple formula ...

NASA inventors have developed a set of puncture self-healing materials comprised of commercially available, known self-healing polymer resin and additive blends. A range of puncture healing blends was developed by melt blending self-healing polymers with non-self-healing polymeric materials.

Puncture healing capability of the melt blends improves at higher temperatures
Thermoplastic materials that can repeatedly and intrinsically self-heal without the need for foreign inserts or fillers (such as microencapsulated monomer)
Blend of self-healing polymer materials with high strength polymer resins potentially enables the materials to be used in structural, load bearing applications


Radiation shielding
Fuel tank liners
Healing layers in ballistic protection for armor, helmets and other personal protective equipment
Packaging material

Cleaning the shower should not be hard for anyone. A Teflon- or ceramic-coated shower would repel water and dirt from the surface walls. Who wants to spend an hour scrubbing dirt from scum ridden walls? A shower is a space in the bathroom for humans to use for personal cleanliness. Why use the area for a nuclear attack on the walls with a scrubbing chemical bomb? Life is too short for that. Help keep the sewer free of chemical cleaners. Manufacture a shower with slick walls where no soap scum can dwell and no bleach is needed to kill the stains.

The coating should cover acrylic or fiberglass surround pieces for a three-piece stall or a preformed one-piece stall. ...

The maturity of the technologies for the guidance and control of RPAS allows for innovative operational options such as the ability to spray (a liquid) a significant amount of an agent of any sort at a pre-established point in the atmosphere. This is the case of NitroFirex, an innovative project that integrates already available defense and UAVs technologies in order to attain an operative capability that can be applied, at night, in the battle against wildfires and fumigation of drug plantations.

Due to the human and ecological harm caused, the social alarm generated as well as the economic losses that they bring forth, the project that NitroFirex is developing with maximum priority is the one to combat these ...

Contrary to logic and general theory, a bullet with a flat tip moves in water several times faster than a bullet with a sharp tip. This effect is simply explained: a flat tip creates cavitation bubbles that rub on the rest of the bullet surface very slightly. That is, the total area of friction is reduced so much that it fully compensates for the enormous resistance of the flat tip.

Is it possible to achieve this effect in aerodynamics? Everyone says no, since cavitation is only a property of the fluid. But even in the '30s, it was proven that at high speeds the gas has fluid dynamics. Just this discovery allowed to improve cooling technology.
But what configuration ...

After years of research I (Diji N J) was able to scientifically explain art of levitation of yogis.

Diamagnetic materials can be repelled, (in a non-uniform field Diamagnetic materials are repelled from the region of greater magnetic field) and magnetic materials can be attracted by strong magnetic field.

Neurons in brain can emit electric signals. Electric signal can produce electromagnetic field. Thoughts can stimulate neuron to produce electric signal. Many small electromagnetic fields can be combined to produce large electromagnetic field, by aligning source of EM field. Brain contains billions of neurons. By controlling thoughts, it is possible to synchronously stimulate each neuron in brain such that EM field produced is perfectly aligned to generate a very strong EM ...

Over two billion people suffer from the effects of water scarcity and the vast majority of those affected live in coastal areas in developing countries and remote communities. Seawater desalination is an excellent potential solution, but desalination systems require a connection to a strong and reliable electrical grid for their power supply.

Because our target customers typically lack sufficient grid capacity and cannot afford the capital or time required to build and deploy grid-connected systems, Resolute Marine has devised a unique solution to this problem - the world’s first wave-driven desalination system (Wave2O™) that can be deployed quickly, operate completely “off-grid” and supply large quantities of clean fresh water at competitive cost.

Our solution has the unique advantage of ...

The problem of the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is one of the topics discussed almost daily because the effects on the climate are of daily discussion. It is time to move on to remedies. In practice, remedying the problem of excess CO2 with recapture, using devices installed directly in new-generation cars. If my idea comes to practical implementation, hundreds of millions of electric cars will take over CO2 recapture in the near future. The car will turn from pollution to cleanliness of the atmosphere. The direct capture technologies from the atmosphere are almost mature and in my project they must be distributed to the cars to act on a large scale. Once the task of CO2 ...

The new processor pushes back boundaries with outstanding performance and extraordinary efficiency. Its number crunching qualities are undisputed. The 1 kHz processor (eight bit wide) delivers 18,000 petaflops of calculation. It is a system of using decimal or higher number system in processor; I also designed a sample circuit for representing decimal system electronically using transistors, which was a major hurdle in designing such a system.

This is a new computer system that can provide enormous processing power, such that it will provide tomorrow’s supercomputing power on today’s handheld devices. The new concept is based on principles of analogue amplification and programming of computer is simple and similar to digital computers. The high-tech invention is called ‘Hinary Processor’ and it ...

I have invented an electrical circuit which helps to save electricity. Suppose there is a fan in a room operated by inverter supply and a water cooler outside the room connected with simple supply of electricity. As the load of water cooler is high so it is generally not run by invertor supply as compared to the fan. if the air and cooling giving by cooler is enough then we must keep the fan at the off position to save electricity. Suppose power cut happens when we are sleeping then mosquitoes and warming wake up me then I switch on the fan. If electricity comes on before I am asleep then I switch off the fan again to save ...

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