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A Smart Hydroponic food module that monitors, grows and takes care of your plants. Our Vision is to foster behavior change among urban households towards farm produce and drive hyper-local urban production. We make farming so much simple and easy that now anybody can grow their own food. Gone are the days when you need hard labor and farming experience to get your harvest.

The journey began with a quest to bring in self-sustenance and pesticide-free healthy food to our home, foster behavior change among urban households towards farm produce and drive hyper-local urban production.

Further our current agricultural system is very inefficient, food produced in one corner of the country being sent to other corners, poor supply chain, ...

Military organizations and industries use generators and electrical motors in day to day operations. To get the upper hand over adversaries and/or the competition it is best to have the best new tool around, "Forever Fuel." "Forever Fuel" is an Anti-Gravity Engine that reduces electrical needs (loads) for electrical motors up to 40%. If used in reverse it produces up to 40% more power for wind turbine generators.

This new engine uses very strong magnets to create Anti-Gravity. This Anti-Gravity caused by the levitation of magnets creates a force that is 10x the weight of the magnets. The key to this levitation is a curved inclined ramp that contains a special array of magnets that is brought into the ...

The maturity of the technologies for the guidance and control of RPAS allows for innovative operational options such as the ability to spray (a liquid) a significant amount of an agent of any sort at a pre-established point in the atmosphere. This is the case of NitroFirex, an innovative project that integrates already available defense and UAVs technologies in order to attain an operative capability that can be applied, at night, in the battle against wildfires and fumigation of drug plantations.

Due to the human and ecological harm caused, the social alarm generated as well as the economic losses that they bring forth, the project that NitroFirex is developing with maximum priority is the one to combat these ...

1) Various e-scooter companies (backed by venture capital) are rolling out their products in the market - the focus is major cities around the globe.
2) None of the companies have so far convincingly addressed the safety concerns related to not providing head protection as part of the actual rental process. And their customers often simply do not carry any head protection (even if it given away for free) with them.
3) The result is a growing number of head injuries. CNET reported on 28 November 2018 that "Injured scooter riders are flooding US emergency rooms. Accident rates could be as high as 1,000 per month.".

1) The Böwler Flying Helmet combines a drone and a safety helmet into ...

Noise Pollution is the biggest problem faced by all the countries and all of them are investing a huge amount of money as well as time to solve the problem of pollution. Noise to electricity is not only solves one of the greatest problem of noise pollution but also gives the most demand able output which is electricity.

A loudspeaker (or speaker) is a transducer, which converts an electrical signal into sound waves. Since noise is also a form of sound wave or mixture of different kinds of waves, which gets wasted in the environment, so by law of conservation of energy it can be converted into another form of energy i.e. electrical energy, so by using a speaker ...

NASA Langley Research Center has developed a novel fine interpolation technique that is useful in signal processing for applications in lidar, sonar, radar and similar modalities. The interpolation technique uses repeating waveforms, Fourier transform reordering, and Richardson-Lucy deconvolution to obtain faster and more accurate results.The prime target application is range finding, but the technique is equally suitable for differential absorption studies, such as determining CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere.


Provides an interpolation scheme much faster than those currently in use
Consists of a simple reordering of a Fourier transform array
Can be applied broadly with any repeating waveform, and not confined to PN code and PSK modulation
Compatible with lidar, radar, sonar and similar modalities

FireTweet Technologies. We have developed a cloud based IoT (Internet of Things) solution to address the problem of non-functional fire safety systems and equipment installed to safeguard your people, vast premises and costly assets.

FireTweet solution is built using latest IoT technologies which monitors the health of your fire safety systems and equipment from our state of the art Central Monitoring Station, providing 24 x 7 x 365 service and ensure corrective action when your life-saving fire safety systems or equipment needs immediate attention.

Services Offered –
 Hydrant System Smart Monitoring.
 Sprinkler System Smart Monitoring.
 Fire Alarm Smart Monitoring.
 Jockey System Smart Monitoring.
 Water Level Smart ...

Magnetic-Levitation (MagLev) rail provides a virtually frictionless way to transport people and goods at high speeds of 300 mph (480 km/h) or more. MagLev trains can be fast, but they are still trains – they must stop and start often, and stations might be far from passengers’ homes or businesses. As such, MagLev trains offer little advantage over conventional steel-wheels-on-steel-rails systems.

Let us separate “railroad” from “train” and have individual vehicles that use computer-automated technology to go non-stop from the starting to the destination depots. The fees charged to each such vehicle depend mainly on the weight of the vehicle and the distance traveled, so there is a MagLev “Turnpike”. To do this, you need to be able to ...

Prior to AC all-magnet motors were used for some four decades then forgotten, perhaps from ferrites of the day too weak to be very practical while today with cobalts they are far stronger and last at 90% full power >>700-years.

A recent 1-Megawatt all-magnet generator was developed to have 'no spark', for security to provide power in with explosives and isolated from external needs, has a 50-year, 100%-Continuous Duty-cycle output guarantee with normal service.

A specific design for the Astrobotic M-1 Lander, became a novel geometry of all-magnet motors for electricity of 2.6kw, 110vdc, 24A, 18cm x 7.6cm in diameter replacing a 542w solar panel for use in space.

An advantage for in-transit being aiming with reactors no fuel, allows lunar night ...

Cycling is a great cardiovascular activity that's generally easy on the joints because it's not weight bearing, although back pain seems to be relatively common among cyclists. According to research, about 68% of people who cycle frequently experience debilitating back pain related to cycling at some point in their lives. Back pain from cycling has a number of causes, mainly: unsuitable bike dimensions and poor sitting posture.

The best way to prevent this problem is purchasing a bike according to one size but this is impractical for the masses of peoples because many people select a new bike based on price point and tend to downplay the importance of the bike's dimensions and ergonomics. Ideally, a bike should be ...

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