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NASA Langley Research Center has developed a novel fine interpolation technique that is useful in signal processing for applications in lidar, sonar, radar and similar modalities. The interpolation technique uses repeating waveforms, Fourier transform reordering, and Richardson-Lucy deconvolution to obtain faster and more accurate results.The prime target application is range finding, but the technique is equally suitable for differential absorption studies, such as determining CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere.


Provides an interpolation scheme much faster than those currently in use
Consists of a simple reordering of a Fourier transform array
Can be applied broadly with any repeating waveform, and not confined to PN code and PSK modulation
Compatible with lidar, radar, sonar and similar modalities

Acoustic Transducer Diaphragm - Boxless, Omnidirectional, Full-Range

US patent 7,860,265 Planot® acoustic transducer diaphragm. The most common electromechanical device in the world is the speaker. I have reinvented and vastly improved it. The first Planotary design under development; compact and VastFidelity™.

The Planot diaphragm pivots along its long axis; unlike previous Planots its bearings, as well as the magnet-homing-damping device, are housed “inside” of the diaphragm. The external support “mast” for the diaphragm is eliminated by the single, internal and stationary axle. The sound is improved, the cost is lowered and the size is reduced. This diaphragm has a surface area of 32 sq. in. A typical 6 inch speaker has an area of 21.21 sq. in.

“Omnidirectional is ...

eShepherd is a world-first livestock virtual herding solution that provides remote pasture management, and animal monitoring for improved livestock and land welfare. Developed in Australia for the global market, eShepherd helps farmers manage their animals and land more effectively in the face of climate change.

eShepherd is an IoT driven platform comprising a GPS enabled neckband and cloud-based application which is used to fence, move and monitor livestock by detecting and responding to animal behaviour. Farmers use a cloud-based web application to create virtual paddock boundaries and check on livestock activity, all of which are updated dynamically to ensure accurate data. eShepherd contains a patented training program, refined through years of evidence-based research and development. The system responds to animal ...

Based on aggregated data, Indonesia produces 700 – 800 kg coffee beans per hectare, while in Vietnam coffee yields per hectare stands at 1500 kg and in Brazil at 2000 kg. Indonesia has 3 times the number of smallholder coffee farmers than smallholder coffee farmers in Vietnam, yet the productivity of our smallholders coffee farmers is just 1/3 the productivity of Vietnam. The root of the problem is the coffee farming practices in Indonesia are still based on traditional ways. Smallholder coffee farmers and even government and also private sector are basically practicing based on trial and error.

We believe that to actually change the way of coffee farming practices in Indonesia, we have to be as close as ...

My prototype has two functions in one: protect yours car door from being hit by other cars doors or by a shopping cart. It is novel because it will come handling to put on and will be at low cost and safe. It make you be kind to other cars in a small parking lot at the time to get out of your car so you don’t bend or scratch other vehicles. It can be produced on a large scale because of the ease of the material and because it can be made to a standard measure that can fits all types of vehicles, it can also be customized for each vehicle brand as the owner decides.

This will ...

In today's world, we use a massive amount of energy every day, nearly 25000 TWh per year. Additionally, a big percentage of this energy is supplied by nonrenewable energy sources, such as Oil (31%), Coal (28.6%) and Natural Gas (21.2%) in 2014. Furthermore, it is obvious that the consumption of nonrenewable energy sources is one of the major reasons for global warming causing oil spills, the abrupt increase in CO2 amount in the atmosphere, deforestation and etc. That's why energy supply is one of the major problems of today's world.

So we designed a keyboard and named it "Click Energy" that could be used as an alternative energy source by storing electricity generated from usage of its own. Placed ...

ViaTechMD has invented and developed the first and only device-based treatment for various conditions known to contribute to preterm birth (“PTB”).

PTB is a growing global healthcare crisis and is the leading cause of infant death and morbidity within the first months of life. Nearly 3,000 babies die EACH DAY as a consequence of PTB which is also recognized as one of the most significant contributing factors in several lifelong crippling diseases including autism, cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness, various respiratory ailments, and other cognitive and learning disabilities.

The latest publication from WHO (2018) reports that in 2014, approximately 10.6% of all live births globally were preterm. Every year, an estimated 15 million babies are born preterm (before 37 completed ...

Overcome consumer reluctance to the adoption of self-driving car technology by anthropomorphizing a separate AI-controlled self-driving vehicle which controls the navigation and operation of a connected passenger compartment. Within certain safety parameters, the human occupants would have a residual mechanism for overriding the AI as to the speed and direction of travel.

Instead of putting consumers in the counter-intuitive position of being in the "driver's seat" of a car without the need to maintain situational awareness and control over the vehicle, we use the culturally familiar concept of the "smartest horse in the barn" to create a physical separation between the consumer/travelers and the computer-controlled vehicle that is undertaking the journey, all the while providing reassuring backup control mechanisms--that ...

A Smart Hydroponic food module that monitors, grows and takes care of your plants. Our Vision is to foster behavior change among urban households towards farm produce and drive hyper-local urban production. We make farming so much simple and easy that now anybody can grow their own food. Gone are the days when you need hard labor and farming experience to get your harvest.

The journey began with a quest to bring in self-sustenance and pesticide-free healthy food to our home, foster behavior change among urban households towards farm produce and drive hyper-local urban production.

Further our current agricultural system is very inefficient, food produced in one corner of the country being sent to other corners, poor supply chain, ...

When disasters happen, we don't have a refrigerator to keep our temperature-sensitive drugs or vials for patients. This box should be packed at optimum temperature in the lab, or factory, and LED or LCD ON the box which works with a battery, show inner box temperature. The outer box is covered with heat reflective nano insulation coat which keep the inner temperature. The outer box is anti-shock. If something happens and the inner box is damaged, the LCD shows that this product should not be used. We can use this box for any material which is temperature ...

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