The BoomBag: The World's First Smart Backpack!

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The evolution of digital technology in recent years has reshaped the way of living. As new technologies surface in the market, consumers grow dependent on digital devices to answer their need for connectivity. This dependence can progress in to a state of obsession as consumers are absorbed in their devices for seemingly endless hours. With the blessing of digital solutions also emerges the burden of carrying auxiliary accessories―chargers, battery backups, etc.―to keep devices fully charged and operating on the go. Backpacks are the most widely adopted “carry” items whether for school, work, or play; their practicality and simple functionality make them convenient to carry items like digital devices. Yet, amid this technological revolution, the backpack has failed to evolve past its traditional functions of storing.

The BoomBag is an intelligent, safe, and wearable technology that seeks to minimize the number of electronic devices and auxiliary items carried by the modern-day commuter.

It is a smart backpack that marries the basic storage accommodations of a backpack with advanced technologies that can assist musicians, music lovers, professionals, non-professionals, students, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts on the go.

Check out this demo of the prototype:

The BoomBag marries the functions needed for learning, work, play, communications, and entertainment. It not only offers the basic convenience of storage but also displays features specifically tailored for:

- Academic learning (through audio books and other audio resources)

- Athletic training

- Outdoor recreation

- Emergency communication

- Traffic safety

- Audiovisual entertainment

***Disclaimer: The backpack displayed in the visual content is only a rough prototype built as proof of concept and does not currently showcase all the features that are expected to be included in the final product.



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    The BoomBag’s concept arose from witnessing a Zumba instructor waste 35 minutes of an hour-long session trying to set up a musical connection between her phone and the gym’s speakers. In addition, the plateau in backpack innovation and burgeoning consumer dependence on technology are factors that have inspired the development of the BoomBag, a “smart” backpack that provides digital solutions to the everyday commuter or outdoor enthusiast by maximizing connectivity, convenience, and simpler, lighter load.
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