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Product counterfeiting is the largest criminal enterprise, exceeding $1T annually. Tracera has invented an easy-to-use and effective anti-counterfeit solution to solve this problem. We have created a unique fingerprint for tangible objects that cannot be replicated. We are capable of giving any product a one-of-a-kind, addressable identity. Best yet, our solution can be used by anyone, including the consumer, via our simple smartphone app. We have developed a one-of-a-kind tag that can be attached to any physical object and a smartphone app to authenticate the object in the cloud. With our proprietary technology and tag, we can provide upwards of 10^137 unique physical identifiers using tags with as little as 5-10 DPI resolution. Because the unique identifiers are randomized ...

A novel Flexible Anti-Theft Window Guard (FATWIG) is designed to provide a breakthrough window guarding approach to preventing burglars from entering your home. FATWIG can be applied to windows with any dimensions and is installed behind the glass window. A single hexagon screw driver will complete the entire job for FATWIG assembly and installation. Key innovation of the FATWIG is the unique design of the mounting adaptor which allows incorporating both vertical and horizontal steel bars for window guarding. Fastening screws are tightened to secure the steel bars from sliding. Four long securing screws will be tightened to kiss the window walls, preventing FATWIG from being taken away by force. Four fastening screws will be tightened to secure the ...

BelleT has developed a comprehensive skin monitoring system that can monitor skin conditions (at various body locations: face, neck, hands, body and hair etc.) from multi-aspects including skin moisture and glow, UV exposure, skin and skincare product pH values, to provide personalized optimal guidance and recommendations.

This system is composed of a rechargeable BLE wearable (to collect data), an app and cloud with AI-based data analysis, which is unique in 4 ways:
1) The miniature design allows packaging of multiple sensors into a compact jewelry-look wearable (27mm x 27mm) and performs simultaneous measurements from various sensors
2) Proprietary multi-sensor interaction logic allows automatic adjustment settings of a sensor based on readings of other sensors for optimal results

The need for a friendly chemical solution for in-can preservatives.

Water based paints, polymers, resins, inks, adhesives and cosmetics will spoil if left untreated.

The addition of anti-microbial formulae, acting as "in-can preservatives" will stop product spoilage prior to use.

Currently used antimicrobials are being recognised as either; dermal or breathing irritants, cytotoxic, endocrine disruptors and/or carcinogens.

The EU is leading the challenge in forcing out the use of these unacceptable biocides. Some California based companies are following the EU lead in limiting acceptance of current solutions.

European Industry believes it is not possible to effectively control the wide variety of micro-organisms without the current in-can preservatives. The water based decorative paints represents around 75% of the total decorative ...

Acoustic Transducer Diaphragm - Boxless, Omnidirectional, Full-Range

US patent 7,860,265 Planot® acoustic transducer diaphragm. The most common electromechanical device in the world is the speaker. I have reinvented and vastly improved it. The first Planotary design under development; compact and VastFidelity™.

The Planot diaphragm pivots along its long axis; unlike previous Planots its bearings, as well as the magnet-homing-damping device, are housed “inside” of the diaphragm. The external support “mast” for the diaphragm is eliminated by the single, internal and stationary axle. The sound is improved, the cost is lowered and the size is reduced. This diaphragm has a surface area of 32 sq. in. A typical 6 inch speaker has an area of 21.21 sq. in.

“Omnidirectional is ...

passwordsFAST is an offline, compact, electronic password keeper. You just have to remember one simple password to access all other passwords. This allows you to have strong passwords without having to remember them, which, is the best defense against hackers. Data is encrypted using AES256 encryption which is combined with cipher block chaining and key stretching algorithms. The biggest distinction is the fact it's NOT CONNECTED to the internet so you can't put software hacking tools on the device. It takes the place of unsecure methods such as sticky notes, excel spreadsheets or having the same password for everything. Also, password managers and smartphones are all connected to the internet making them vulnerable to hacking. Some of the top ...

The strut channel bar clamps (figure 1) utilize a commercially available structural member (strut channel) that for years was used for hanging HVAC, pipes/conduit and other industrial components. The two parts of the strut channel bar clamp are the force imparting component herein known as the “clamp block” and the force supporting structure known herein as the “clamp stop.” Current clamps available in the market are made using bar stock, pipe and specialized structural members as their main support structure. These clamps are very limited in that the “clamp block” is rigidly fixed to one end of its’ structural member. In the case of the bar clamp, the user is limited to fixed lengths of 6”,12”,18”, 24” etc.

The ...

Aria is a product composed of two hands-free headphones. It is a wireless, Bluetooth headphone set that not only responds to today’s fashion and style trends, but also answers to ergonomical needs that allows a comfortable fit, which provides an excellent user experience. Its ear hook design provides security and prevents it from slipping from the ear which enables the user to wear it as a full time product.

The primary function we would like to achieve is not only to improve the capabilities of the human being but also to extend them, giving the user the chance to live a whole new experience, through a wearable that they can use everyday and all day long.

Our goal was ...

According to the World Health Organization, there are over 1 Billion people with disabilities on the planet. They are the group with the highest risk of social exclusion. Around 300 million people with disabilities are non-verbal and depend on alternative communication devices.

Moved by the needs of his disabled daughter, our CEO and Founder Carlos Pereira created Livox, an alternative communication software for non-verbal people with disabilities and people with learning impairments.

Through Livox can speak, learn how to read, how to write and abstract concepts.

What makes our software unique is the use of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Through Machine Learning Livox shows fewer options on a screen. These options will be based on the context ...

The proposed system is a simple, effective means to stop children from being inadvertently left in cars. With today’s current state of inexpensive/high performance IoT devices and communication, there is no reason that a moment’s inattention should lead to a loss of life.

If a parent/caregiver makes the tragic mistake of leaving a young child in a closed vehicle, the ramifications are both severe and rapid. The greenhouse effect – even at perceptively cool temperatures – causes unsafe temperatures to be reached quickly. The temperature rise in typical closed vehicles is shown in figure 1.

The movement of very young children and their parents generally follow predictable patterns. The child is typically at home or at a day care/relative ...

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