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We propose the development of a smart flashlight for employees of rescue services, firefighters, miners, police officers, people working in dangerous conditions and even tourists. It can be used as an ordinary flashlight, in the hands, or it can be fixed on the helmet of the employee. The flashlight must be equipped with a radioactive radiation sensor, sensor of hazardous asphyxiating and explosive gases, ultraviolet, infrared and visible radiation, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors (can be converted to altitude above sea level). In addition, a GPS sensor will be built into the case, for operation in open areas, as well with the inertial measurement unit (IMU), for determining coordinates and moving in buildings or underground. All collected data ...

The demand for miniature devices is big and growing quickly. Smaller devices are lighter, faster, use less power and consume fewer resources. They have enabled wearables, point of care diagnostics, IoT devices, and the aerospace industry.

But methods for making these devices are slow and expensive.

Conversely, 3D printing, has enabled rapid prototyping and the ability to design iteratively and make complex structures that could not have been built previously. But not at the size needed for the micromachines behind all these technologies.

The ability to rapid prototype micromachines is so far an untapped market, with enormous potential.

With Laminated Resin Printing (LRP) we can now make these very small structures in a fast, affordable and user-friendly tool for ...

• Simple Smart Monitoring from (Almost) Anywhere

Connected by a revolutionary new cellular-based technology the Kiwi empowered by Skyhawk allows you to monitor belongings and remote items located virtually anywhere* without the need for external power or other internet connections, such as WiFi or Bluetooth.

Using advanced MEMS sensor technology, the Kiwi can monitor assets that are touched, moved, or opened using an internal smart accelerometer and integrated reed switch sensor.

Device overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkcMC8uIi60&t=14s

• Easy Setup & Install

Download and register your Kiwi device using the Skyhawk App available on compatible smart devices. Select your low-cost Kiwi subscription plan. Attach your device to anything and let the Kiwi handle the rest by monitoring your assets located virtually anywhere.*

Adaptable not only to the environment, but to itself as well.

The full diversity of my Light-Interface System concept can be demonstrated with my model of an invisible suit.

My 3-D Pixel Unit concept already exists, in part, as an angle sensitive pixel, but without the counterpart 3-D pixels and the length of connection between them.

The spherical symmetry of an angle sensitive pixel, adapted to other spherically symmetric 3-D Pixel Units across a Light-Interface System is what allows it to capture the full intersecting angles of the web-of-light thru the concentrated shape of the object in the Light-Interface.

Due to the full wrap-around symmetry of the light-web intersection, replicated in a concentration, by fully wrap-around 3-D Pixels Units on a body, the ...

External 3-Dimensional Holodeck Scenery

In it's simplest form, invisibility is depicted outside of the Light-Interface System, while an intersection ( holodeck) of the outside light is displayed, painted all along the interior walls in the Light-Interface, itself.

External Holodeck Scenery

The external world is transmitted thru the Light-Interface System, and part is diverted into continuing it's path thru the space that the Light-Interface System rests in, while a seperate holodeck reality can be painted all along the interior walls of the Light-Interface.

Internal Hologram Casting

If not a computer-generated internal hologram, such as a person or other furniture of the background scenery, it must first be projected from another " input receiving" Light-Interface, before it can be flipped around and transmitted back out the ...

Most of us wear synthetic fabrics like polyester every day. Our dress shirts, yoga pants, fleeces, and even underwear are all increasingly made of synthetic materials plastic, in fact. But these synthetic fabrics, from which 60% of all clothing on earth is made, have a big hidden problem: when they’re washed, they release tiny plastic bits called microfibers that flow down our drains, through water treatment plants, and out into our rivers, lakes and oceans by the billions.

If there is a mechanism that can collect all these microfibers, cloth manufacturing companies can reuse the microfibers to make new clothing like tough, very soft-to-the-touch materials for general clothing use. This collection can be done using a newly designed washing ...

The real-time water quality monitoring and notification system (water QMS) measures the essential qualities of water -- the water PH, temperature, turbidity (cloudiness of water), and water level in the tank -- in real time. The system consists of multiple sensors to measure the standards of water in the tank, the micro-controller to analyze the readings and the GSM module to send the information to the watching centre through SMS. It is a true time system, which is able to measure the standards of water endlessly, and can send the measured values to the watching centre when each predefined time. I developed the device to allow people to have access to safe water in their daily ...

Dual-Adaptive Camouflage, or DAC

Adaptive camouflage merely to an environment's background scenery is only half of the property of true invisibility.

It require a dual-adaptive camouflage; one adaptable to the outside of the suit ( usually the case) itself, and it's background scenery taking both as one complete outside environment, and another part of it adaptable to the interior moving parts of the puppet Light-Interface of the object, or suit ( usually the case).

I say " usually the case" in this instance because it may not be a suit, but the dual-adaptive camouflage invisibility would still exist in a potential state even if it were a fixed Light-Interface System, simply owing to the concept of the Light-Interface form ...

This project is about building a new mechanism that ensures the safety of wheelchair users going up and down an escalator. This is done by modifying the current escalators bed (upper layer in which we place our foot). The main concern of wheelchair users going upward on an escalator is a small backward force on the wheelchair or instability results in a very bad accident and could flip the wheelchair backward. So usually peoples on the wheelchair grab the handrails tight going upward and downward. This is very risky because if the hands of the percent slip we are looking at some serious damage. Aside from this risk, it is not comfortable on the ride and many public services ...

Most beverage companies earmark a large percentage of their budget for advertising because all of them know the power of advertisements. Companies use advertisements as part of a marketing program to increase sales of their products and services. Advertising plays a different role at different stages of the marketing process helping to raise awareness of a product or service, generating leads for a sales force or selling directly. In other words, the advertisement can brainwash society into using a specific product.

Coca-Cola audio/video player is an app for android phones and PCs. It does what all the video and music players do. What makes it special is that it plays the video or the audio while advertising the Coca-Cola ...

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