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High-resolution imaging is an important tool for the visual characterization and analysis of a vast range of samples. Scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) are the workhorse of high-resolution imaging across multiple different industries, as it allows for visualization of micro/nanoscale features with a high depth of focus. However, the cost of a typical SEM system can exceed tens of thousands of dollars, restricting its use as a routine analysis tool. Other limitations such as the need for ultrahigh vacuum and specialized training/infrastructure further limit the widespread deployment of electron-enabled imaging, with most industries either outsourcing SEM time, or using a combination of less powerful optical and spectroscopic techniques. Therefore, there exists a need for a low-cost electron imaging tool that ...

Innovative concepts in lightweight engineering for automotive and aerospace applications increasingly trust in Multi-Material-Design. Additionally metal-plastic-combinations are often used in white or brown goods as well as within the furniture industry or in novel architecture concepts. A special challenge for multi material designs is the joining process. Existing technologies to join metals to polymers, like adhesive bonding or mechanical fastening, are ineffective regarding process time (adhesive bonding) or don’t applicate the forces optimally into the material (riveting, bolting). Moreover those technologies use supplemental materials like glue or rivets, which add weight and costs to the construction. The newly developed HPCI® (HeatPressCool-Integrative) tool appears like a spot resistance welding gun, which is widely used in car body engineering for metal ...

Over the past few years, we have witnessed some of the most destructive forest fires on record. With the increasing threat of climate change, forest fires will start to become more frequent and more deadly. The Poseidon Sprinkler Defense System (PSDS) is the first and only defense needed to stop these destructive fires. Placed in strategic locations throughout the Western United States, in states like California, Arizona, Washington and Colorado, PSDS can be activated remotely upon detection of an incoming forest fires. The construction is primarily of aluminum, cast iron, copper, plastic, stainless steel, and steel alloys. A gearbox will be seated near the head of the unit will control the stream and water PSI.

Each unit would be ...

Traceability in plastic production is difficult, so we wanted to develop a general solution which did not cause any extra headaches.

We aim to place barcodes on injection molded plastic products of any size, color and geometry, without adding processes or requiring materials or contamination of the part. The barcodes should be scannable by in-line vision or scanners, to be generally useful.

We create the master structures for our barcodes through MEMS lithography, creating detailled diffraction gratings intermixed with smooth reflective areas. This way, our barcodes achieve both diffusion and diffraction properties, creating very high optical contrast between microstructured and reflective areas.

The master structures are imprinted in a sol-gel material directly on steel parts, which is then sintered ...

Ascend Manufacturing has invented the 3D printing technology of the future. Developed under a Nation Science Foundation grant and being perfected with world experts in 3D printing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, our patent pending technology has so many industry disrupting advantages over existing technologies that puts us light years ahead of everything else on the market. Our technology, called Large Area Projection Sintering (LAPS), allows a user to create a single part or hundreds of thousands of parts in a single day all from a single low-cost machine. LAPS is the only 3D printing technology which fuses and forms a 3D part with an industrial closed loop control process – meaning every part has high repeatability and reliability.

Automated Painting of Murals on the Exterior of Large Buildings

a. Updating the exterior of large buildings requires labor intensive maintenance.
b. Painting extremely tall murals is dangerous and beyond the skills of many artists and painters.

Automate the painting process by scaling-up inkjet printer technology
a) Design and build a large 4-head paint sprayer for the colors: red, yellow, blue, and black.
b) Erect scaffolding and motorized horizontal and vertical gantries near the face of the building.
c) Attach 4-head paint sprayer to horizontal gantry.
d) Securely attach required volume of paint (e.g. 55-gallon drums of red, yellow, blue, and black) to the vertical gantry.
e) Download desired image to the paint-head controller.
f) Begin the automated painting process.

1) Take a picture of the ...

This proposal is for SOLID STATE storage which has already been successfully prototyped, incorporating several different chemistries. Although this manufacturing technique can be used with many battery and capacitor combinations and chemistries the inventors have mostly executed akaline combinations thus far. Plastic injection molding is the manufacturing platform. It is a well established high speed manufacturing method, capable of producing finished products in seconds. This version is a logical evolution of that. Except, rather than ONE resin in One mold, we are pushing the over mold / 2 shot technique a little bit further. Shuttle, spin stack, rotary molds and molding machines with multiple barrels for each material layer. 4-6 shots vs 1 -2. A completed 2,000 cell pack ...

Large amounts of used cars that are written off in Europe are shipped to Africa for a ‘second life’. This results in a high demand for spare parts to sustain this life.

I am Obasogie Okpamen from Landmark University, Nigeria. I am honored to be presenting my project which reduces the mass and material used in manufacturing engine parts while adding to their aesthetics and ultimately showing how additive manufacturing can change the spare parts industry.

For this project, I have chosen the Alfa Romeo 75 twin spark TS connecting rod which I believe is a perfect option, not just because the Alfa Romeo 75 is an iconic vehicle with great balance and engine performance but because even in ...

The objective of this design is to create a swarm 3D printing and assembly platform which employs a swarm of printhead-carrying mobile robots to complete sophisticated manufacturing tasks. Similar to how a swarm of bees working together to build their beehive, the swarm of smart mobile robots can work together to print and assemble products based on digital models on demand.

Illustrated here is a model of future factory, consisting of modularly designed tiles for the factory floor to guide the navigation of the robots, mobile robots carrying robotic arms with different end effectors, including filament extruder, gripper for pick-and-placing pre-manufactured components, and other types of robotic toolheads. All the robots are wirelessly connected into the Internet through Wi-Fi ...

We live in a coastal town in India called Pondicherry famously known for its serene beaches and coastal activities. Over the years, as the city has developed, it has attracted more tourism, which has resulted in an increase of littering on the once clean and beautiful beaches. This problem is not unique only to Pondicherry but to hundreds of other coastal communities as well.

A recent study by National Geographic estimates that 9 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the world’s ocean from coastal regions. Not only are people affected by this, but this is causing havoc to marine life.

Our innovation, Maritime, is an amphibious rover that is scalable and low-cost which focuses on tackling this worldwide ...

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