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My idea is a contraption that is built out of already built DC factory motors. It takes 9 of them to make 3 bigger motors with 3 large iron arms with 3 claws on each of the iron arms with titanium blades on them. And an iron bucket to put everything in. My theory is that it will grind all waste into a mulch-like substance that can be used for things like mulch or fertilizer. I think this will help our world's pollution problem and make it a greener place. It could be bad for our precious metals if we were to put them in it. Other dangers might include bodily harm if one was to get too close to the spinning blades.

It could possibly be used for other things on down the road, like chemicals etc. I'm guessing that there should only be a number of these contraptions due to the dangers and work involved. The motors work as one machine being that is what it is, and all spin in the same direction. It's powered by an outlet, just plug it in. The 9 blades that are in the bucket will be very close to the bottom of the bucket, making it hard for things to get under them. kind of a big machine all in all.


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    Dennis Philbeck
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    yard work
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