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"Billions of people are at risk of exposure to increasingly dangerous heat conditions. They need access to cooling, but without warming the planet.

An estimated 3.3 billion room air-conditioning units will be installed in the world between now and 2050. Most of these units are inefficient and will place a significant burden on electricity grid infrastructure and consumers in developing countries. Drastic transformation of residential cooling technology through innovation can improve people’s health, productivity, and well-being, all while avoiding runaway climate change." (Source GCP)

Swirl AC can solve this future problem.

Swirl only uses water to provide cooling (and heating).

It does this using about 1/6 the power of chemical refrigerant AC.

Swirl can give 5.3kW of cooling using ...

An agreement has been reached between scientists that mercury exposure today is so high in many areas of the globe that it threatens human health. Mercury compounds have carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic properties. Therefore, the Minamata Convention to limit anthropogenic mercury emission was signed in 2013 and ratified in 2017. To limit the anthropogenic mercury emission will be significant for creating a cleaner atmosphere in the future.

Coal combustion in coal-fired power plant is one of the main sources of anthropogenic mercury emission around the world, and the mercury released into the atmosphere with the flue gas emission. In the coal-fired flue gas, elemental mercury, Hg(0), is difficult to be controlled due to its high volatility and low solubility. ...

A Smart Hydroponic food module that monitors, grows and takes care of your plants. Our Vision is to foster behavior change among urban households towards farm produce and drive hyper-local urban production. We make farming so much simple and easy that now anybody can grow their own food. Gone are the days when you need hard labor and farming experience to get your harvest.

The journey began with a quest to bring in self-sustenance and pesticide-free healthy food to our home, foster behavior change among urban households towards farm produce and drive hyper-local urban production.

Further our current agricultural system is very inefficient, food produced in one corner of the country being sent to other corners, poor supply chain, ...

Plastic waste pollution is an increasingly prevalent environmental issue around the world. Many companies produce plastic waste through their manufacturing processes, and remote or resource-limited environments - isolated island populations, natural disaster locations, theaters of war, and more - continuously bring in plastic products that end up as waste.. Individuals in these remote environments also face the challenge of acquiring manufactured tools and resources. Although additive manufacturing technologies unlock the potential for users to solve complex problems and create insular supply chains, they continue to suffer from barriers such as cost, accessibility, and sustainability.

Gigabot X is an industrial scale, Cartesian-style 3D printer manufactured in Houston, Texas that prints using polymer pellets, flakes, or recycled regrind, allowing it to ...




-The integration represents a shield to protect human lungs from deadly industrial emissions.
-Opportunities by developing green technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants, using algae. Set out to demonstrate that an algae-based system could recycle the carbon dioxide in flue gas. Scientists looking for ways to curb carbon dioxide emissions have taken a keen interest in algae. These simple plant-like, aquatic organisms — their family includes both pond scum and seaweed — are among the oldest forms of life on Earth. Like plants, they draw energy from them.
-Algae does an efficient job of sequestering carbon, taking it out of the air and ...

This IoT tool has for objective to quantify for a specific period, all the costs involved during the operation and maintenance of on grid streetlights based on LED or conventional technologies.

This is an electronic measurement device that collects energy consumed data and all related maintenance and operations costs data and coverts them to monetary values via an android based app.

This has for objectives:
1. To enable the local municipalities to evaluate the merit and cost of a LED streetlights projects compared to conventional streetlights projects.
2. To create rapid cost visibility to key decision makers
3. To enable Rapid life cycle costing comparison after acquisition of both LED and Conventional streetlights
4. To create availability ...

Absolute, unlimited power generation.

Under the laws of physics, to produce electricity, a magnetic field must be inserted into the wire box.

Movement of the paddle in the vacuum does not stop because it does not have air resistance.

If we move the pendulum through the vacuum to the magnet and wrap the wrap around the pendulum, the pendulum does not stop, so we can replace the electric current that does not expire.

For some reason, the pendulum is slowly moving slowly, using a portion of the electric current that it generates. The remaining electric power remains purely.
Of course, millions of layers of them will have more electricity available. Most of all, it does not need water, steam, ...

The Kitchen Appliance Recovered Energy System (KARES) consists of a Thermal Synergy Battery, Thermal Microgrid and an integrated system of modular components and appliances that recover, store and reuse thermal energy. The Thermal Synergy Battery utilizes a multistage heat pump to pump heat to successive insulated tanks for hot water storage (to over 50°C for appliances) and stores cold via chilled water, blocks of ice and salty ice (to below -20°C for freezing). In doing so, waste heat is recovered, hot water is supplied and refrigeration needs are met. Shifting to liquid heat exchangers and liquid cooling the compressor reduces noise, reduces maintenance and cleaning, and improves packaging. The Thermal Micogrid’s insulated fluid lines snap into aluminum extrusions or ...

The concept was to amalgamate physical geography, renewable energy and mechanical machinery for industrial usage, utilizing the turbine returning energy back to the power grid.

Turbine capabilities include thermal exchange of sensible heat via internal micro condensers, as well as supplementing a triple pull generator system for self powering efficiency.

The renewable energy created by the "Shade Maker" would go directly back to the power grid.

The entire surface of the wind turbine would consist of voltaic cells to capture sun light, creating another source of energy to be utilized for either the turbines self powered generators or the underground pumps.

This concept can be used in the oil and agricultural ...

Securing the examination paper is very difficult for many counties which do not use electronic examination. This is because there are too many places that the exam will have the risk of being stolen. The low economy and lack of integrity of peoples involving the process of the examination are fooled for getting benefits by selling exam papers for students. The first risk is when the exams are being printed because you may trust the printing company but not the person printing it and arranging the printed exams. The second risk is storage and shipment because you may trust the process but you can never know who might steal the papers or copy them.

This project is about introducing ...

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