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The current global challenge is the safety concerns and sustainability of raw materials supply for energy storage in the face of explosion of batteries on long duration recharging based on the current liquid electrolytes in electronic devices and mobility worldwide.


@MIT says whomever finds conductive solid state Polymer Electrolyte holds the #EVs ace ..


EU Mission Commitment

EU sees €250b solid state Battery market according to:

Our Innovation Solution Is Timely, Safe, Sustainable & Covered By Intellectual Property Rights

Berekotry Ltd flaunts this sustainable green conductive biopolymer from renewable materials found in every region of the world as a potential Solid state Electrolyte which also withstands 1200`C flame that ...

Renewable energy solutions come with their own problems, and managing the trade-offs will determine the success of a technology. Especially, with a desire to maintain and expand our modern standards of living. The diffuse, intermittent, and unpredictable nature of wind and solar energy has led to research and development in how to store the electrical energy generated. However, a partial solution to the intermittent nature of wind and solar energy is to transition our more modern refrigeration systems back to ice boxes.

Storing electrical energy, in cars or wall batteries, could be a partial solution to the intermittent and unpredictable nature of wind and solar energy. The battery storage solution comes with its own set of problems, to include ...

Garbage is one of the serious problems in the world especially Indonesia and getting worse. The accumulation of waste has a positive correlation with the high content of nitrate (Thiteand Menon, 2012) and phosphate (Zhanget al., 2018) in the waters and affect in environment contamination and some diseases (Megna et al., 2017). Data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry states that the projections of household waste in Indonesia in 2018 is around 66.8 million tons and this trend will continue to increase in the following year.

This problem usually affects siltation of the rivers then causes flooding. Besides the garbage problem, Sumbawa also has an important problem in livestock manure because Sumbawa is a center of cattle farm ...

Based on aggregated data, Indonesia produces 700 – 800 kg coffee beans per hectare, while in Vietnam coffee yields per hectare stands at 1500 kg and in Brazil at 2000 kg. Indonesia has 3 times the number of smallholder coffee farmers than smallholder coffee farmers in Vietnam, yet the productivity of our smallholders coffee farmers is just 1/3 the productivity of Vietnam. The root of the problem is the coffee farming practices in Indonesia are still based on traditional ways. Smallholder coffee farmers and even government and also private sector are basically practicing based on trial and error.

We believe that to actually change the way of coffee farming practices in Indonesia, we have to be as close as ...

The concept is based around septage waste but can utilize other wastes such as manure, grease, crop waste, etc. The system would utilize existing technologies in a way to treat waste with three core objectives: the system would be self-sustaining requiring no external power or water supply, removing recyclable or reusable material from the waste stream for reuse, and sustain a profit. The system and processes are based around a typical anaerobic digestion waste treatment process, utilizing sustainability practices and further refining technologies to process the waste into reusable materials, such as; biogas, biofuel, biosolids (sludge), clean effluent water. All of these byproducts could be utilized on-site and/or sold for profit.

This innovation of this idea is not the ...

Companies have understood the advantage of recycling and most companies in the world are investing to recycle their products. There are many factors why a company is interested or not interested in recycling their product. But the most critical factor is cost. Is the cost of recycling is low, equal or more than manufacturing the product? Since most companies value everything with profit which they have full rights to, they are not too open-minded about recycling if the cost is equal or more than manufacturing a new product. This makes perfect sense because you will not help the environment if you are also losing money. What we should work on is a means that will reduce the cost of ...

At this point, awareness of plastic is not an issue. The critical point is proposing new ways to replace, manage and dispose of plastic material that is used for a different use. One of the widely used plastics is plastic bottle packaging. This packaging helps plastic bottles be easily manageable for storage and transportation. But as you surely noticed those plastic packaging end up in landfills as they are easy to manufacture.

This project offers a new type of packaging plastic bottles so that plastic packaging will be omitted. This mechanism is very simple less cost and do the task. The device is using hard plastic belt type mechanism to hold the plastic bottles together. Since the bottom part ...

We can create hundreds of jobs off the coast of northern California specifically Crescent City with an oil type rig that works as a desalination plant for some of the drought problems of the western United States.

All around the World and in third world countries desalination plants are being used to create jobs long term as they make fresh drinking water to sustain the public, and what do we in California do, we drain tainted water from one part of the State to supply the needs in another, and politics in this writers opinion is the reason.

A Better Solution are Desalination Plants:

The California “Water Supply Action Plan”! If Rivers, Sloughs and Dams are showing the ...

Z-PEC Zero–Point Energy Converter 

According to Quantum Electrodynamics, otherwise empty space is filled with tremendous energy; it’s called the Quantum Flux or Zero-Point Energy. Z-PEC will mechanically tap this unlimited resource for pollution-less electrical generation and pollution-less vehicular-propulsion.

• A Z-PEC prototype can be built by sputtering layers of metals and refractive-materials onto a silicon chip.

Peer-reviewed experiments support the underlying tenets of this paper.

• Obeys the Laws of Motion, Thermodynamics and Momentum Conservation.
• Fig. 1 illustrates how to get a net force from the isotropic momentum of the Electromagnetic Field of the Quantum Flux.

Refer to Fig. 1; it illustrates the paths of an average pair of equal and opposite photons of the Quantum Flux. ...

There are many factors that affect agriculture but the physical factor is the critical matter. Physical factors affecting agriculture are (i) climate (ii) soil and (iii) topography. Meaning temperature, the growing season, altitude, rainfall and wind are the most critical part of a good farming output and most plants are very selective on those factors preference for growing. Even if the land fulfills all the requirements, the output of crops depends upon the space of the land which the farming land fulfills factors like climate which is suitable for the crop.

This project is about solving the space problem in farming land in micro-farming and medium farming areas. This is done by roller farming as seen in the figure. ...

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