Prostheses for the Military in the Year 2050

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The prosthesis in 2050 would mean surpassing ordinary human strength. The future belongs to the trans-human and the power of machine integrated human body The US already has plans to bring cyborgs to the military. The future looks very bright for prosthetics. Gone are the days of where the amputees couldn't serve the nation after losing a limb.

The project was undertaken in our course module 'Design for 2050', wherein we started with studying what prostheses are, how it evolved from the time it was first introduced in 950–710 B.C. to the current research in the field. The main topics of our interest pertaining to this project are as follows -
1. Brain Computer Interaction(BCI)
2. Agonist-antagonist Myoneural Interface (AMI)
3. Optogenetics

With research going on in the fields such as Brain Computer Interface, and Neuroprosthetics, 2050 looks like the prosthesis will give human the superpowers they have always wanted. The prosthesis of 2050 will be a combination of Brain Computer Interface(BCI), Agonist-antagonist Myoneural Interface (AMI) and Optogenetics, the military will powerful than ever. With modified muscular strength and altered senses of somatosensation and proprioception, a soldier is expected to be able to do the following by 2050 -
1. War mode special prosthesis which will give tolerance to higher range of temperature and pressure.
2. Subconscious firing of weapons/ assistive systems embedded in the prosthesis.
3. Prosthesis suitable for all terrain.
4. Light material, Fire-proof, Bullet-proof, and camouflage body.

Also there will be accessories for the prosthesis, so that it can be easily replaced with another set of tool-based prosthesis.

Such a multi-functional prosthesis will see all the amputees back into the game and stronger than ever. It is very important to get an amputee with a lot of military experience back on the ground. There is no reason for an amputee to feel worthless just because his/her condition.


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