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NiobiCon™ is a self-insulating underwater connector technology invented by engineers at Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC). The technology is novel in that it uses transition metals such as niobium, element number 41 on the periodic table, as electrical contacts that will not short out, corrode,

The name exo derives from exotic plasma is an exotic material, it is a gaseous state thermally agitated by electromagnetic induction and ions. Once converted to plasma we compress and accelerate it. Connected in series with a jet engine or turbofan,

There is rapid development in drone technology nowadays, they are being used in almost every other field. In this, we will be talking about the usage of drones in fish farms.

A fish farming drone can attentively be in charge of fish rearing tanks,

A Six Degrees of Freedom (6Dof) Platform for Autonomous Ground Vehicles, Surface Vessels and Underwater Vessels. Intrusion Detection and Situation Awareness for rapid accurate response. Also adaptable for Aerospace and Earth Satellites.

There is no known technology that compares to the patented Compound Motion of the VForce® mechanism.

With VAriable GEometry VTOL aircraft –VAGEV we propose an extremely compact VTOL configuration which produces thrust augmentation effects in vertical flight to reduce the size and the weight of the energy source. VAGEV can be the launch pad for a VTOL system able to operate safely near vertical obstacles,

A marketing study shows there is a need for a multi-purpose general aviation aircraft with the ability to take-off and land on short or ultra-short runways. These runways having several tens of metres can be easy built with much reduced costs in almost any places.

Time is precious in space. This Project combines technology To move Forward In Future Of Space and Ultimately help Human In Space mission.

A.I.With Google Glass help astronauts in all operating conditions and save their time to read handbooks And Give Guidance in Emergency conditions.

Enduralock self-aligning nut plates are designed to dramatically reduce the time and cost of installation and maintenance of aerospace access panels.

Nut plates are used throughout aerospace for the attachment of access panels. Rather than having the panel bolts thread into the substructure, nut plates are employed.

The objective is to design a drone which resembles a bird, also called ornithopter. This drone can be mounted with a camera that can be used for aerial surveillance and photography.

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