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Since 2018 the number of electrically powered aircraft in design has doubled to about 200, hence the name, “201.” Airbus, Boeing, Joby Aviation, Uber and others, with more than 1 billion usd in investments are designing, developing and testing the electric air vehicles of the future. In 20 years the value of eVTOL by manufacturers, operators and infrastructure providers is expected to reach 318 billion usd.

The “201” is a single person urban aerial mobility commuter vehicle (UAM) designed to alleviate traffic congestion on our freeways. It combines active flight control surfaces, uneven blown (channel) wing technology, the Bernoulli Principle, the Coanda effect, and vectored thrust with standard airfoil aerodynamics in a novel manner to achieve safe, efficient, quiet ...

The IFR student training aid will provide an instrument flying training aid for the instruction of student pilots.

When in use it obscures the view outside of the cockpit while allowing the student to still see the interior and all of the aircraft flight instruments and controls. It is quickly and easily removeable thus restoring full view.

It is composed of two items. A wearable flip up/down polarizing lens set and a polarizing film applique for the windscreen interior.


To provide an instrument flying training aid for the instruction of student pilots

This instrument flying training aid is composed of two components:

a. A polarized film applique that is applied to the inside of the windscreen of the ...

The Covid 19 fighting measures will impose a physical separation among the passengers in all massive transportation systems. The commercial aviation will be one of the most transportation system affected by these measures, with the consequential reduction of the number of passengers for single flight. Therefore, in order to permit a passenger density comparable to the pre Covid 19 situations, a different concept of physical separation is presented as possible solution, by means of the following idea.

The concept is: Do not increase the distance among the passenger, but capture the possible contaminated atmosphere and purify it or eject out the cabin. The Aircraft seat shown in the sketch is equipped with a sort of transparent dome able to ...


The maturity of the technologies for the guidance and control of UASs allows proposing innovative operational options such as the ability to spray a significant amount of an agent of any sort at a pre-established point in the atmosphere.

This is the case of NitroFirex, an innovative project that integrates available technologies from the defense industry to achieve this operational capability. Of all possible applications the forest-fire fighting at night is where NitroFirex places its highest priority. This is because of the ecological damage these fires bring forth, the cause social alarm they generate and the human and economic losses that take place whilst fighting them.

NITROFIREX at last offers the long awaited nighttime firefighting capability and also ...

Now-a-days most of the mid-range & long-range aircraft have two high bypass fan turbine engines. About 70-75% of total thrust is produced by bypass fan & rest is produced by the expanding exhaust gas from turbine engine.

New power plant should be designed to use two high bypass fan turbine engines that would utilize all energy from turbine to drive high bypass fan only (something like turbo-prop engine). Thrust developed by these two engines should be the thrust required during cruise portion of the flight. Third engine should be installed in the tail (like DC10/Tri-star), which will generate thrust by the expanding exhaust gas from turbine engine (to reduce overall diameter of engine). Third engine thrust should be enough ...

Reduction of drag and boosting of lift to drag ratio is of paramount importance to maximize flight efficiency. Body shape has a major role in producing drag. In order to reduce drag and increase lift to drag ratio I have successfully developed a new concept after spending several years to research. The concept is described below.

Using cycloid profile sideward acceleration smoothly changes from zero to peak then to zero so there would not by sudden impulses or momentum changes of fluid and sideward velocity of fluid smoothly changes from zero to peak and the to zero. This causes what’s known as 3D relieving, for example a cylinder has smooth up (y+) and down (y-) flow during a passage through ...

It has a charged track inside it, charged with lithium-ion batteries fitted in gun.

Bullet is made up of aluminium and small button batteries are fitted and connected to body of bullet. Capacitors are used to create high voltage and high current fitted in gun charged with batteries..

When trigger is pressed, tracks inside the gun are heavily charged with high voltage and high current, bullet travels with high speed by principal of electromagnetic induction (as happen in black holes)

Guns batteries, whose supply is DC is changed with the help of electronic circuit to AC with variable voltage and variable frequency..

Frequency and voltage of supply is varied in such a way that the induced emf in bullet ...

Wings in Figure are in tandem configuration to have the capability of heavy payload applications due to efficient lift generation. Blended body fuselage and End plates are
configured with tandem wing, in order to acquire the low power consumption for long endurance by reducing the drag over the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Since blended body fuselage and end plates are configured with tandem wing, it was found that there is a lack of lateral stability in the mentioned new configuration with the tandem wings, end plates & blended body fuselage. To overcome that instability, twin-tail with the dorsal fin is configured with tandem wing, blended fuselage, and endplates. All together putting a novel configuration with low power consumption & high stability ...
The screen of this device is normally in a passive flight following mode showing aircraft position, flight plan route, weather and terrain/obstacles.

The system calculates a predicted flight path. If the predicted flight path detects a potential CFIT situation, the pilot is given an aural warning and the display changes from passive flight following to a 3d look - out - the - window - on - a - clear - day picture. The screen shows the aircraft position, terrain/obstacle, and a visual display of the predicted flight path. Dangerous portions of the predicted flight path are depicted in red.

The pilot can see the safest way to alter the flight path to avoid collision (climb, turn, or a combination ...

The "I Jet" is a fully electric private plane that recharges itself using ion collectors to harvest electric energy from the atmosphere. These ion collectors situated on the top of the plane are carbon/graphite/graphene based. According to the proof of concept by the ion power group, ion collectors 130 feet above the ground at peak ion periods have been seen to generate a peak electrical power of 1.236kw derived from 41,200 volts at 30ma and these values increase at the rate of approximately 90-150vdc per meter of altitude above sea level.

Atmospheric ions are naturally self-renewing energy sources that cannot be depleted as they are deposited in our atmosphere by cosmic rays, constant atmospheric electric activity and Radeon gas ...

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