People in wheelchairs can't currently travel on airplanes in their own wheelchairs. Airlines are reluctant to give up the real estate and revenue on their aircraft. They must transfer twice from their wheelchair to an aisle-chair then to the airline seat in a difficult and dehumanizing process.

In a door to door mobility scenario the last mile is the most critical issue.

Public transportation must stop at selected terminals and private transportation not always have access. To solve the problem while in most localities,

What is Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration?

Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration is a new US patented EV innovation that allows electric vehicles to recharge themselves as they drive without the deceleration effects associated with regenerative braking.

Rentable electric scooters are often found in many large city centers and on college campuses for use as environmentally friendly transportation. Unfortunately, The Journal of American Medical Association reported that 40,000 injuries and 29 deaths are related to e-scooter accidents.

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