SURGICAL PROJECTOR is a surgical aided projection and lighting device designed for scarce medical resources areas such as battlefields and disaster areas, epidemic areas, operating rooms, and surgical education. It combines surgical aided projection, air sterilization, and lighting.

rAider (Refrigeration Artificial Intelligence DEmand Response) is a palm-sized IoT/controls package that uses big data and artificial intelligence with sensors to optimally control commercial refrigeration for food stores and the power grid. First, our IoT device collects refrigeration and environmental data from stores using sensors.

Century Fathom presents a novel method using Natural Gas Clathrate Hydrates (NGH) for producing natural gas from sub-sea petroleum reserves. Our patented process enables production of reserves which are deemed stranded either because they contain a high content (percentage) of impurities, specifically carbon dioxide and/or sulfur,

The recent development of wearable electronics has drawn considerable attention from both academia and industry. Because wearable electronic devices can conform to and follow the deformation of the skin, they are capable of capturing various essential mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, and biological signals,

To overcome the limitations and discomforts associated with the invasive and minimally-invasive devices used for blood glucose monitoring,

Modular Presence Indicators [MPIs] are portable devices comprised of three parts that work in tandem as presence detectors. The devices are based in whispering gallery mode excitation where tunable light sources, detectors, and optical cavities are used as highly sensitive components. The three parts include disposable test cartridges [DTCs],

The problem:
The health of all human beings has been seriously threatened with the appearance of Covid19 and so far have killed more than 516,570 people around the world.

Where is the Covid19?
Coronavirus can be everywhere out of our house,


LIFT-VECTORING is a comprehensive system that utilizes thrust, to move an aircraft, to create lift, and act as a complete flight control system without moving surfaces.


Introducing VALUEGAUGE, the first information display to enable motor vehicle drivers to truly save fuel and emissions and time, and avoid waste. ValueGauge consists of a microcomputer and electronic display in view of the vehicle operator,

Figure 1 illustrates a vapor deposition bonding of hydrophilic OPEN ended carbon nanotubes measured to be only 20 to 150-nm (nanometer = 1-billionth of a meter) grown onto the surface of carbon fibers in FIGURE 3 with a carbon-carbon bond at a space of 20 to

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