This is not a duplicate or copy of any of my other bearing design submissions. The rollers in this bearing design are parallel to the bearing shaft or central axis, not incident or intersecting with it.

In Bangladesh alone, around 40 million people today still live without any kind of access to energy. - ourworldindata.org
Of these, over 10 million live in extreme poverty. - worldpoverty.io

Children in particular suffer with the inability to study with decent light at night.

This is a description of a Ventilator using common parts with the objective of the part costs being under $200 retail/wholesale. Each Hospital room normally has an oxygen supply with pressure and flow regulation. This entry uses the available oxygen system and 120VAC power supply in the room.

Nowadays, over 30% of people have a flat feet disease. It is a huge problem since it might cause other serious damages to the health. For instance, bunion, pain in the leg and pain in the spine during the exercises could be caused by the mentioned issue.

The Self-Adjusting Bushing Bearing (SABB) described in US Patents (8,870,459, 9,790,988, and 9,995,342 (Reference: https://cadventuresinc.wixsite.com/sabb/patents ) shows the many benefits of providing resiliency in a bushing bearing by segmenting the bushing bearing into three equal segments which are spring-loaded against the Shaft.

Global Adoption of Autonomous Vehicles depends heavily on safety performance, VTDS rapidly detects threats and delivers 10X safety enhancement.

Autonomous vehicle (AV) control systems are challenged to ‘see’ and respond to the road, especially in unexpected situations, and struggle to mimic human abilities.

With VAriable GEometry VTOL aircraft –VAGEV we propose an extremely compact VTOL configuration which produces thrust augmentation effects in vertical flight to reduce the size and the weight of the energy source. VAGEV can be the launch pad for a VTOL system able to operate safely near vertical obstacles,

A machine designed to interact with its environment, make an appropriate decision based on surroundings, and then carry out the jobs related to its goal. All automatically. Our focus will be on robots, which are designed for more specific purposes in the physical world.

Wheatstone bridge and capacitance are among the most popular pressure sensing principals used in pressure sensors. Wheatstone bridge comprises resistor network formed as thin film strain gauge on metal diaphragm or as piezo resistive element on silicon diaphragm,

A marketing study shows there is a need for a multi-purpose general aviation aircraft with the ability to take-off and land on short or ultra-short runways. These runways having several tens of metres can be easy built with much reduced costs in almost any places.

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