Have you ever experienced a part of you private data lost or erased? What sort of private storage you have for the data? How many cloud services all your family members may have and take charges?

The result of this work is the technical implementation of the idea of a reconfigurable elastic-deformable panel that has a continuous smooth shape of the cover surfaces when the panel is deflected by a certain angle and at the same time able to perceive a given normal load.

I want to tell you today about a new notebook prototype. Imagine the most expensive notebook in the world in the latest model. How do you imagine its appearance? Is the body made of gold, the microprocessor is the most powerful, the RAM is too big? No.

In this work, we explore the implementations of the buck converter and the boost converter, using Back-End-of-Line (BEOL) Nano-electromechanical (NEM) relays, for on-chip voltage conversions.

Our study exploits the design approach for relay-based DC-DC converters using an inductorless,

Time is precious in space. This Project combines technology To move Forward In Future Of Space and Ultimately help Human In Space mission.

A.I.With Google Glass help astronauts in all operating conditions and save their time to read handbooks And Give Guidance in Emergency conditions.

B-G INNOVATIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS Introduces World’s First Headlight with Integrated Light Safety Control Module (LSCM).

7" LED Vehicle Headlight with Integrated Back-Up Technology (Patented Light Safety Control Module, LSCM). NEVER DRIVE WITH A COMPROMISED HEADLIGHT!

The Enduralock Tidal Lock fastener is designed to be a lower cost permanently locking, high vibration resistant fastener, that for maintenance is reversible and reusable. The components can be manufactured through a forging and stamping process to greatly reduce the cost in production. This allows technology,

Gyroscopic procession device consists of a main DC motor, “axial motor,” driving a hollow shaft with a fork mounted gyroscope. The main axial motor and gyroscopic motor are precisely controlled by DC voltage with precise control of RPM.

Enduralock self-aligning nut plates are designed to dramatically reduce the time and cost of installation and maintenance of aerospace access panels.

Nut plates are used throughout aerospace for the attachment of access panels. Rather than having the panel bolts thread into the substructure, nut plates are employed.

Hyperloop is a disruptive transportation technology for people and goods. A Hyperloop comprises a sealed vacuum tube with reduced pressure through which a floating pod/capsule travels with low air resistance or friction conveying people or goods at high speed (up to 750 miles per hour).

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