Levi is the office desk reinvented. In a creative work environment it‘s important that one can quickly dissolve and reorganize work formations to keep up with changing needs and to move free during a turbulent daily routine.

We designed Levi based on comprehensive research,

The Daily

So much is going on and so many, everyone, is affected. With the global pandemic, economies crashing and internal-international struggles for equality we have been forced to question every-one-of our purchases and needs.

The Silver Lock fastener is a permanently locking, high vibration resistant fastener, that for maintenance is reversible and reusable. It employs a mechanical lock, which does not rely on friction. With the engagement of a standard 6-point socket, the fastener is free spinning,

My goal is to build a more human-like robotic head, using this electronic control system, to enable friendly human-robot interaction, which means that it is programmed to react as a human would. For example, for mimicking being surprised,

The conventional refrigeration cycle develops high pressure refrigerant in the condenser that is throttled to a low pressure and temperature for cooling air within an evaporator. This throttling process involves little more than passing the refrigerant through a small orifice interface (or expansion valve).

Sip smarter.

In a world of ever expanding alcoholic beverages, there is an ever expanding list of must have drinkware. The average consumer will spend hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on glassware, tableware and utensils. Consumers are also more concerned than ever about their environmental footprint,

Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of every area today, from Space/Defense to Medical, Transportation and Marketing. Data centers are huge using vast amounts of energy. And the results are problematic and can be easily fooled by a 5th grader. True AI requires vastly more data and less latency,

The Platypus is the first small-scale, low-cost Wave Energy Converter (WEC) designed for coastal emergencies and the desalination of water. The state-of-the-art machine converts ocean wave energy into electricity.

Based on an operational prototype system (Intelipod™) developed internally by Venti LLC, this SBIR effort will deliver a quantum improvement in fire fighter safety. This project represents a major advance in the tools available to first responders/fire fighters to access and safely respond to unknown emergencies,

COVID-19 is the world’s highest priority in 2020. A key tool in managing this pandemic is determining who is infected, allowing those to self-quarantine or seek medical help, for the good of themselves, their loved ones, and the community at large, pending a vaccine.

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