ReFlo: Maintaining blood flow during a cardiac emergency.

During a cardiac event, the heart’s ability to pump around 30ml of blood maybe decreased or stopped.

There are many types of computer mice currently in the market, but very few adequately address the limitations of individuals with disabilities. Most accessible computer mice use a power wheelchair joystick, sip and puff devices,

Features and goals of project

To provide a platform for young future programmers to learn a programming language and apply the lessons to real-world applications.

Every year millions of people suffer various injuries that could be mitigated or even prevented. Some individuals avoid certain jobs, activities, or sports due to the associated risks of injuries. Many daily activities pose risks such as: abrasions, lacerations, blunt trauma, heat or cold exposure, or other ergonomic injuries.

Ocular trauma redressal requires advanced surgical equipment and specialty surgical centers. The Corneal Transplant Market, currently at 40,000 per year in the US, is expected to grow at 10.8% from 2017 to 2023. The other targets are European, and the Asia Pacific markets.

The Impact of Socialising Inter-Vehicular Autonomy - Understanding the impact of cultural norms on inter-vehicular proximity (distance between two vehicles) in the early days of the mass adoption of autonomous vehicles.

The American anthropologist, Edward T Hall, first studied that "Humans have an innate distancing mechanism,

Problem Space

A pregnant mother. A farmer with a broken leg. A child with pneumonia. A rural town experiencing a COVID19 outbreak. Medical imaging plays a critical role in providing care for each of these patients,

Unless specifically trained, a Dog has no idea of how to behave when leased. Dog parents are often seen switching hands, spinning around – doing the Dog's work instead.

Proposed is a novel concept for walking the Dog.

Large capacity batteries to provide extended charge on smart phones, smart watches, fitness trackers, earbuds, head phones, etc. have become ubiquitous. Built-in batteries seldom provide enough runtime to keep customers satisfied, especially when traveling.

Buckyball sphere shape is directed to propulsion and power production. Triangle panels are provided with the shortest length panel edge forming the outer surface edges of the hexagons and pentagons buckyball sphere extruded from the spheres center point out into an array of hexagon and pentagon edges,

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