We are developing the smallest, lightest, strongest oil-free compressor that aims to push efficiency and reliability to new heights.

theSARCproject is developing an innovative, cutting-edge rotary compressor that aims to push compressors' power, efficiency and reliability to new heights. This rotary compressor technology features lower size, weight,

India requires a power plant which generates maximum energy and uses minimum land as it is a developing and highly populated country.

After planting and harvesting of groundnuts, well selected grains are pressed using a screw oil pressing machine. During pressing we get the crude peanut oil and the peanut cake. Crude peanut oil is then filtered, refined and bottled in plastic bottles to distributed to supermarkets for sale.

Prepare to have your driving experience enhanced by augmented reality dashboards! Giving your dashboard a video-game aesthetic, AR displays will show any information you need to know about the car itself.

They will also give you other vital information about the road,

Our objective is to design a personal air vehicle that will reduce pollution and decrease the traffic jams, save time of people and will be a faster means of transport.

First, we will design a air vehicle that will of light weight,

The Emergency Autonomous Response System is a system of intelligent and connected autonomous vehicles to support in emergency scenarios and provide an immediate response to the situation. Due to the increase in the rate of natural and man-made calamities,

It is a small desktop device for recycling paper to the 3D Shape (Works with USB), the Environment and Arts as part of Sustainability.

This device provide a creative way to reuse, reinvent and recycle paper scraps into own deckle and molds handmade paper.

This drive mechanism does not use chaindrive or shaftdrive but has efficiency as chaindrive (in terms of gear teeth engagement) and requires less frequent maintenance. Extra length requirement due to pedals is removed and length of bicycle can be further reduced by using smaller front wheel.

With the help of deep learning algorithms, SmartCloudFarming is combining satellite pictures and soil sensor data to create 3D maps of soils. These maps are a result of deep soil analytics and display the varying levels of moisture, nutrients (N-P-K-Mg) and soil organic carbon in 3 dimensions.

Our objective is to design and develop an Autonomous Rescue and Surveillance Bot named “SALVARE” in areas of natural disaster and national borders that can be of assistance to the officials as it can perform the functions of a human without their intervention.

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