This drive mechanism does not use chaindrive or shaftdrive but has efficiency as chaindrive (in terms of gear teeth engagement) and requires less frequent maintenance. Extra length requirement due to pedals is removed and length of bicycle can be further reduced by using smaller front wheel.

1. Half of the energy supplied to a typical data center is wasted on cooling electronics,

The proposed innovation is a sustainable, cost-effective and scalable flow battery that can store excess renewable energy in water (H2O) and table salt (NaCl). I have named this the BlueBattery. It is a combination of two well-established technologies: [1] Electrodialysis (ED),

Currently all commercial continuously variable transmissions (CVT’s) in the automotive industry function on a friction drive principle. This friction drive interface exists between two hardened smooth steel surfaces separated by a traction fluid film. Traction fluid has the unique property in that it solidifies under high pressure,

Elinfect is designed to force the vaccine syringe to become disposable so as to completely eliminate the infection caused by repeated use of the syringe. Therefore, two protrusions are added to the bottom of the syringe. When the syringe is pushed to the bottom,

It is sad that world is in emergency due to corona virus. I have a solution to make corona virus's Antivirus. The technology is to use microwave or ultrasonic to resonate lipids in viruses envelop and rupture it and causing virus to eject DNA/RNA.

Clean solar cooker as replacement for hazardous log-fires

Until today more than 3 billion people rely on open fires for cooking. Their cook stoves are predominantly based on burning firewood or charcoal and used indoors without sufficient ventilation [IEA (2016). "World Energy Outlook 2016"]. According to the WHO,

The last major advance in phlebotomy was the invention of the familiar Vacutainer(r) in 1947 which was commercialized in the early 50s by BD. In vitro diagnostics (IVD) instruments have recently become very efficient, requiring much smaller blood volumes. Today millions of liters of diagnostic blood are wasted.

The result of this work is the technical implementation of the idea of a reconfigurable elastic-deformable panel that has a continuous smooth shape of the cover surfaces when the panel is deflected by a certain angle and at the same time able to perceive a given normal load.

Creating the world’s first 3D printed recycled plastic composite bicycle and e-bike.
Due to the pandemic and subsequent social distancing guidelines, the UK population’s attitude to transportation has changed. The bicycle and e-bike have become a new model of healthy transport for many. Halfords, The UK’

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